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20 Things I have learned over 20 years

Recently I celebrated my 20th birthday. (On December 9th to be exact.) And after two decades here on our Earth I decided I would share some of my “wisdom”. So here are 20  that I thought I would share that I have learned so far in my life. (Whether they are known and waiting for implementation or that I live by.)

20. Balance your life. Balance time between friends, family, school, passions and fitness.

19. Stay organized. You lose too many things when nothing has a home.

18. Save your money. (This is something that is a work in progress for me!)

17. Surround yourself with quality people and let go of the people who don’t better you.

16. Become passionate about some form of fitness (sports, exercise classes, running, biking, HIIT, lifting weights, dance etc.) and do it often.


15. Don’t spend your entire life “Netflix and chill”-ing. Go out into the world and live.

14. Fuel your body with quality ingredients and foods.

13. Find hobbies you love and do them all the time.

12. (If you are in college or of age) Do not drink too much. You want to remember the the quality moments, trust me.

11. Don’t live life in silence. Listen to music, speak out and involve yourself in discussions.

10. Quality NOT quantity. This doesn’t just apply to food but applies to IMG_1510people, schoolwork, clothing, items, etc. Half ass-ing doesn’t work.




9. You do not gain ANYTHING from sitting in the corner watching. Participate.

8. Capture memories but don’t enjoy your memories through what you capture. So basically in other words if you go to a concert for example, don’t film the whole thing because then you didn’t experience it first hand because you’re too worried about how the video looks or how the picture turns out. Instead enjoy the experience and capture a few seconds of it to look back on later on.

7. Journal. Keep track of what is going on in your head and in your life. It is good to look back at your past for a little bit to learn from your past Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.58.17 AMexperiences.

I love this one from Anthropologie (pictured on the right)! You can check it out here. And its less than $20!
6. Wear whatever makes you feel best about yourself because you are all that matters.

5. Everything in moderation. Cookies? In moderation. Milkshakes? In moderation. Nachos? In moderation. Extra salty and buttery popcorn (YUM)? In moderation. Buffalo chicken (ALSO YUM)? In moderation. Eggnog Lattes from Starbucks (MY FAVE FOR XMAS)? In moderation. Donuts? Also in moderation. Eating in moderation makes you eating those foods you crave more special and taste better!

4. Love yourself. The relationship you have with you is the most important one you have in your ENTIRE life. You deserve love. Put yourself first in your life. You deserve the best.love-yourself-poster





3. Have an open mind.

2. Learn to manage your time. It’s never fun to procrastinate and rush to do it basically promising that you will hand in shitty work.

1.Have a support network. I traveled across the country from my home to go to school and something necessary was to create a “family” here. I have some amazing best friends that I am so lucky to have and I also have my family and friends who are scattered around the country at school as well. It helps in every part of life whether you are struggling, improving, accomplishing, or loving. If you are down, or happy, needing to talk to someone or wanting to listen, a support network will always be there for you.

xoxo, Chandler Irene

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