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I recently came across a lovely post from an account I follow on Instagram,  Fit.Happy.Healthy.Mom, and it was really eye opening. So thus I am sharing it with you.

She posted a photo of her family, you can find the post here, and her caption that went along with that photo really resinated within me.

Her post said…

“I have a question for you? Think about a year from now… December 9th, 2016. Now Imagine that you are in the EXACT same spot in 12 months that you’re in right now.

Are you ok with that?…”

Wow. Just Wow.

I can recall my junior year of high school going to the gym all January and I stopped and never got back into it. I tried last year during my spring semester and I went to the gym every day for a few weeks on and off and it didn’t stick.

This time next year, I don’t want to be where I am right now. I want CHANGE in my life because I am unhappy with how my life is at the moment.

I don’t want to be how I am now ANOTHER year from now.

Next year I am turning 21 and that is the last milestone for a while and I want to be at my healthiest next year for my birthday. I haven’t been healthy for a long time so it will be a journey… But it will be a damn good one.

xoxo, Chandler Irene


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