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Styling My Ideal Room

Hey Guys! I have been super into Pinterest and styling my room for next year!

I know I know probably a little premature BUT I have just been loving the idea of starting fresh in a new place, new room, new style, and new roommate.

Yes I have a roommate again. I had one my freshman year of college and loved her and having a roommate. This year, as my Sophomore year sadly starts to wrap up I didn’t have a roommate and just had my own room. Now I did have roommates but it was an apartment style room so I had my own room and split a bathroom with my good friend.

I loved it.

Next year however I am going to be living in my sorority house! I am so excited to get a bunch of pieces and new things.

Right now I am super into pastels, neutral colors, metallics and faux furs.

So I thought I might as well show you a couple of the things I have been ADORING!

Let us start.

  1. Ottoman

I am obsessed with ottomans but not just any ottomans. I am in love with faux fur ottomans and metallic ottomans! I found these two that I am DYING over. And they are not expensive or a “splurge” item.

These two are from Joss & Main and they are both under $50.

(I know I am dying internally over these and their price tag.)

These ottomans can be found on Joss & Main’s website here.

And for the metallic ottoman’s they are more on the pricey side but they are still amazing. I found two that I adore.


But then when looking all over the web for other metallic poufs or ottomans that I love I came across this one from Anthropologie… you can find it here. This particular one comes in the silver accent (the one pictured above) but also copper. I personally love the silver one more but both are to die for.

Next on the list…

2. White Duvet’s or White comforters

I love the clean look of a white bed. I currently have a white duvet on my bed with white pillows… basically everything on my bed is white. But I want to upgrade from my white duvet from Ikea. I think it is time.

Why white?

Yes I know I am in college and college involves eating food on your bed, makeup prints, dirt whatever. BUT that’s why there is a little thing called bleach. So who cares it is crisp and clean and gorg.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.02.35 PM.png

Georgina Duvet – Anthropologie

My dream duvet for the longest time has been this one here from Anthropologie. It is the “Georgina Duvet”. Honestly it brings out the inner girly girl in me. (I love me a good floral and light pink.) I don’t think I will be getting this one for next year but I love the concept.



However this one is already one sale and is amazing. It fulfills the same type of girly vibe I sometimes need.

You can check it out here on WestElm’s website. It is on sale. SALE. Get it. I fell in love with it when I went into WestElm’s store in Portland. Sadly it hasn’t been on the website recently since it has been out of stock or they don’t have my bed size but when I find it I am going to buy the whole set so quickly! I wish I would’ve gotten this one over the summer when it was in stock. Oh well live and learn.

3.  RUGS

I love myself a good rug. So I have been obsessing over two types. I love the look of metallic faux cowhide rugs and faux fur rugs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.13.55 PM

Penelope Cowhide Rug – Joss & Main

So this rug is on the pricier side but compared to something very similar at ZGallerie, I would consider it the deal. You can check out this rug at Joss & Main here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.18.20 PM.png

Tatami Hair On Hide Rug – ZGalerie

The ZGallerie Rug to the left  runs at $900 while the Joss & Main one runs at $430 or so. AND they are the same size, same look and both gorgeous.

If you are all about the more expensive one, you can check it out here on the ZGallerie website.

Honestly it is a statement piece and would look perfect under a chair and a side table with some beautiful accessories.


The other type of rug that has a special place in my heart are faux fur rugs. Same shape as the cowhide rugs but not the same texture.

So the one on the left is adorable and pretty small but with that smaller size also comes with a much smaller price tag! You can check it out here. I think it would be perfect hanging over the back of a chair or under a chair. Absolutely adorable.

The other rug from Overstock is bigger and also comes with a bigger price tag. You can check it out here on Overstock’s website. I think it just looks so plush. And it is also only $120 or so.

4. Prints

I am in love with prints. I think they are such a cost effective way to decorate. You can get them off of Etsy for like $5 each, you download the file and then print them out for a fraction of the cost to buy them from another store.

I love all of these prints off of Etsy! I think framed on a wall perfectly mosaic-ed together would just be stunning! It is the college student way to decorate if you ask me. Make sure to check out RDT typography here and LoveSupplyCo here to check out their prints!

5. Antlers (Faux of course!)

These are faux antlers by NearandDeer on Etsy (check them out here) and these would look amazing up on a wall. Honestly I hate taxidermy (personal preference) and I love that these are fake but look realistic.

Nothing is worse than fake taxidermy that looks like a 5 year-old made it out of play dough.

6. Tassel Garlands

These were originally made famous by Urban Outfitters but on Etsy you can find them for way cheaper and in more color variations.

I love all of these and the one I get will ultimately match the color scheme that I decide at the end of summer. Make sure to check out DDBrand here, InesAndWillow here,  TouchofMagic here, ProjectPaper here, and PaperboyParty here.

And last but not least…

7. Floating Shelves!

I am OBSESSED with floating shelves. I love the look I love the clean lines I lovScreen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.47.18 PM.pnge white floating shelves. And guess what? Most floating shelves are pretty inexpensive. These pictured to the right are from Amazon and under $40. Check them out here. You can also get them at Ikea, but they are just so clean and add dimension on a wall and hold stuff. I mean I don’t know what could be better than that.


So that was it for this post today! I know… kinda lengthy but jam packed with current loves that I am drooling over.

Until next time!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.50.21 AM



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