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Favorite Podcast at the Moment

Hey guys so recently I have been OBSESSING over podcasts.

Most of the time I listen to them while I am driving since my stereo in my car is dead but I also listen to them when doing my LISS workout (A post on the workout program I am following aka BBG will be up soon and a review on the app associated with the program). LISS is basically walking on a treadmill at a decent speed for like 40 or so minutes.


How did I first learn about podcasts?

Lets throw it on back to when I was watching one of Marissa Lace’s videos and she mentioned that she loved listening to podcasts. So immediately I searched my entire phone to find the podcast app. I was unsuccessful. So I ended up searching my phone in the little search bar for it and found that it was deep in one of my folders for the apps you can’t delete you know what I mean? Like the app for stocks, the compass app etc.


She mentioned how she loved listening to podcasts while cleaning or just whenever really so I was like “I NEED TO LISTEN TO WHAT SHE IS LISTENING TO”. She was talking about listening to her friends podcast called Coffee with Crachel and other podcasts on spirituality/motivation etc. So I started subscribing to a bunch of random podcasts in the health category and that was when I stumbled on the health/motivation/self-image podcast gem.

You’re probably thinking, “Chandler just tell us what your favorite podcast is already…”

Well I will tell you. Right now my favorite podcast is…

(Drumroll please.)

The Chalene ShowUnknown

So I am IN LOVE with her podcast.

I don’t know if it is the way she talks, the topic, her personal stories or what but, for me, her podcasts are exactly what I need when it comes to my personal healthy lifestyle change/journey.

Some of my favorite episodes of hers include:

  1. This is For Those Who Despise Exercise
  2. Lose Weight Without Exercise
  3. Oprah’s Weight Watchers – What It Takes to Lose Weight for Good
  4. A Story of Self Sabotage

And honestly my list is still growing.

The podcasts of hers that are next for me to listen to are:

  1. Reset your Time management Button and GET FOCUSED!
  2. How to be Consistently Consistent
  3. Meditation for People Who Don’t Get It But Really Need It
  4. The Ultimate Exercise Routine
  5. A Day in the Life of Me | Chalene Johnson’s Daily Success Habits
  6. Get Motivation When You’re So Not Feeling It
  7. Weekend Weight Loss Fit Tip
  8. Morning Rituals
  9. Sleep In to Get Thin with Shawn Stevenson

Ok so this list sounds like I haven’t listened to any but I have listened to a solid amount of episodes. But the one’s I recommend are the ones that I would suggest you listen to if you are thinking about checking her podcasts out. Those four podcasts intrigued me because that is something that I wanted to listen about but for you it may be something different and I know she will have a podcast on at least ONE thing that interests you.

Podcasts: Love them?

YES LOVE THEM. I love how they can range in length. I think her podcasts last about 20 to 45 minutes. Some are shorter than that but some may be longer.

I love how listening to one is more beneficial than listening to my favorite song on repeat for an hour.

One of my favorite part about her podcasts is because I have recently found them she has a plethora of podcasts that I have never listened to and I can pick and chose the topic, length  whatever that I am going to listen to. They are just a quick download away and it’s FREE.

Chalene Johnson is a credible source for information. She has been in the fitness industry for over a decade. She is personal trainer, writer, motivational speaker and so much more. She is the real deal. If you want to learn more about Chalene click here.

If you are anti-podcast app, don’t worry you can listen to her podcasts here on her website. Also on her website are the transcripts for the podcasts in case you are a reader and not a listener. Check those out here.

Also check out Chalene’s Instagram here.

Thank you for reading all about my favorite podcast at the moment! If you listen to podcasts and have any recommendations please let me know what they are below! I am ADDICTED and am always on the hunt for more great podcasts.


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