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My Go-To Coffee

So I like going to Starbucks and getting my coffee frequently but I do ALSO enjoy making my coffee at home from time to time when I need that caffeine.

Being a college student I am usually on a budget so my roommate and I stocked up on k-cups and almond milk since it takes forever to go bad.

Basically a college students dream combination.


So what I do is use this silicone ice tray which creates a very large cube and fill it with the almond milk. You don’t have to use the big cube tray if you have something smaller but I think the big cube is just 1. cool and 2. sleek.

After those are COMPLETELY frozen (I usually just prep and then freeze them the night before) you can start up your Keurig and make a cup of coffee.

I personally like to put the cup of coffee in the freezer for five minutes so it can chill before adding the almond milk ice cube. If you prefer sweeter coffee I would recommend to stir in some honey, sugar or a sugar replacement of your choosing in while it is hot since it don’t blend as well when it is cold.

Once it is chilled, I put the coffee in a glass (so basically just not a coffee mug), add the almond milk ice cube, and top with cinnamon. Sooooo yummy!

The key is topping it with cinnamon.


First off, cinnamon has so many benefits itself (which I will go into another time), but it makes the coffee taste better and not just like cold coffee with a forever melting almond milk cube.

Definitely try it and let me know what you think!

S/O to Lauryn Evarts of TSC for this amazing recipe I drink all summer long!

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