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My Fav Protein: SheSupps


So lets talk about protein…

Basically I wanted to maximize my experience while doing BBG. I want to be burning fat and building muscle.

With that in mind I was reading a couple of articles on different types of protein powders so that I could educate myself before purchasing.

The article that I really liked was this by Kayla Itsines. She basically covers all different types of protein powders and the different types that make up those protein powders. Like what?! I learned that there are many different types of whey protein… I had no clue.


Some of the Instagram accounts I follow that are apart of the BBG community talk about what they use and why.

One that automatically caught my eye was SheSupps.


Not only is the packaging gorgeous (as a makeup lover I always notice the packaging), but the product is great. The one I purchased is the lean protein which is a whey protein from SheSupps, based in the UK.

If you didn’t know already whey protein is basically the most popular protein powder on the market today.

Now in the post on protein that I linked below by Kayla Itsines, I learned about all different types of whey that I had no idea existed.

Now I am just going to quickly tell you about the type of whey that makes of the SheSupps products. To find out this information I actually emailed the company and they were very prompt!

So the combination they use is whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein isolate (WPI). Now whey protein concentrate is “…generally the cheapest type of whey protein because it has the lowest amount of protein per 100 grams when compared to the other two. In saying that, it still has quite a high percentage of protein, which can vary from about 60-90%. The rest is typically made up of fat, carbohydrates (lactose), and other peptides.” On the other hand there is whey protein isolate. “This whey protein has a protein content of about 90-95%, with minimal lactose and fat. It is one of the most popular forms of protein and it is my preferred choice…”. The other type of whey is Whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) which has the highest about of protein per 100 grams at 99%. But check out the article, where I got this exact information from, linked here and earlier in this post!


SheSupps has so many other products that they offer as shown below.

One of my favorite things about SheSupps is that you buy the product once (in the jar) and then you can just buy refills, with the same amount of product, which is less and more eco-friendly than buying jar after jar of product.

There is one con of purchasing from SheSupps and that is the shipping… Since I am from the United States the shipping was either £7.99 or £14.99 depending on what you order. But honestly if you just bulk order it makes the shipping ok. Plus it is coming from “across the pond”.

So along with the lean protein I ordered I also purchased a flavor sampler. I ordered vanilla, since that is a very safe flavor, but I wanted to taste the chocolate and strawberry flavor too. The flavor tester also comes with banana which could be yummy I just am not as excited for that as for the other flavors.


The tester pack comes with one serving of each flavor in these cute packets that are super easy to travel with.

SheSupps also carries not just the refill bags, like I mentioned before, but they carry to-go packs where you can choose each flavor you want. Basically these to-go packs are 14 bags of one serving protein powder or slimmer.

These are perfect for traveling. Say you want five chocolate, five vanilla, three strawberry and one banana flavor. You can do that! Super handy.

Now how I use my protein powder is with water in a shaker bottle.


I found the one I use thanks to MySweatLife aka Kelsey Wells aka my WCW Fitspriation edition. She uses, and I now use, the Trimr shaker bottle. Now you can check it out here.


Kelsey has the mint shade, and obviously I have the white one. I love how it works. InsteadScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 5.12.12 PM
of just a ball moving around blending the powder with water (which is how I use it for the most part), the Trimr bottles have this wire coil that goes up and down the straw moving up and down as you shake.

Now I blend mine with water and ice just because I think it tastes good that way but I am totally up for adding it to a smoothie.


Definitely check out all the links in this post! I am a huge fan of this protein powder and I have looked long and hard for a good protein that tastes great. Also check out the shaker if you are in the market for a new one! I would give both five stars!

If you have any additional questions, comments etc. leave them down below!

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