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Spring Fashion Edit: Aritzia

So I chose a few of my favorites from the Artizia website for a spring wardrobe. Check em out!


Aritzia spring edit 3

So lets get into the details of all pieces shown above.

  1. Wilfred Montrouge Short — So first the colors… I am obsessed with the ashen, cairo, and black. Personally not a huuugeee fan of the navy color (mascara). They are the perfect balance between casual and formal. They can be dressed up and dressed down easily depending on the top and jacket you pair it with.
  2. Wilfred Anvers T-Shirt — Such a cute plain white tee but with a twist on the back. This shirt is available in nine different colors so there has to be at least one color that fits your taste and style.
  3. Babaton Michael Tank — So Babaton creates this gorgeous tank that is high neck, tight fitted and would look amazing with many other items above in the edit.
  4. TNA Lakeview Hat — I love the camo hat as a pattern on top of many simple pieces but also it will casual down any outfit. I am also a fan of a different version of the Lakeview hat, pictured below. A gorgeous simple white and black hat that I think is super sleek and modern.Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.34.59 PM.png
  5.  Babaton Concentric Square — When I saw this piece I knew immediately it had to be added to my edit. I would wear basically anything with that square. The coloring of it, the pastel pink, black and white is gorgeous and just adds that perfect oomph and pizzazz to anything plain.
  6. One Teaspoon 2020 White Beauty — For some reason I am obsessed with jeans skirts like this. It is perfectly ripped and distressed in the right places and I am in love with the slit in the back. It gives the skirt the ability to move better and make it more wearable.
  7. Wilfred Histoire Camisole — The neckline of this tank is gorgeous. Also the dropping is just stunning. I also love the color seductive, that the tank comes in pictured below.Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.49.25 PM
  8. Wilfred Lenglen Jacket — First off, OBSESSED with the texture of this jacket. It also comes in two other colors, ashen/birch, black/black and mineral/white. Personally I am only a fan of the black color and the ashen/birch color only since the mineral/white color. It looks a little too yellow for my taste.
  9. Wilfred Free Van Delden Dress — Pictured in the edit is the light indigo color (my personal favorite) is perfect for spring with the light blue denim color. The slit is one of my favorite parts and I think it would be perfect with a belt to cinch it in to be more figure flattering.
  10. Talula Marcilly Blouse — This is is a stunning off the shoulder shirt. One of my favorites that I have ever found that is off the shoulder. The material looks impeccable and I know that Aritzia pieces are quality pieces.


Some other pieces that I love are…

The Babaton Galen Camisole — It is a beautiful camisole that has mesh inserts that are flattering.

The Babaton Vince T-Shirt — This is similar to the Babaton Michael Tank, listed above, not skin tight and more flowing.

I hope you enjoyed some of my picks for spring from Artizia!



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