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What is On My Grocery List…

Today I went grocery shopping…

I use the app Wunderlist and I LOVE it for grocery shopping! I make lists all the time and you can check stuff off as you get it. Soo much easier than pen and paper lists that I personally always forget at home.

So lets do a blog post on what are my essentials and why!

The list:

  1. BANANAS: I love bananas so much. Honestly they are my go to. My ride or die. So today I bought two bunches of bananas (so like 12 individual bananas) for a purpose. (Just so you know I’m not crazy.) I love bananas because 1. they are inexpensive for how much you get. They are great to snack on with peanut butter whenever you want and provide you a bit with not getting hungry again. And 2. I LOVE making banana ice cream. Like I LOVE IT. Usually I use two bananas that I have chopped up pretty small in like 1/2 inch sections and put them in a ziplock. I take them out and let them warm up for 10-15 minutes depending on the strength of you blender. (I broke my magic bullet because I didn’t wait long enough. Don’t make the same mistake I did…) So I also put in a slash of vanilla extract and a splash of milk (add more as you blend if necessary). I like to change up the flavor of my banana ice cream regularly but I am OBSESSED with using Nutella right now in my ice cream. SO GOOD. Also peanut butter is great and I also use cocoa powder or just eat it plain.
  2. Brussel Sprouts: I found this amazing recipe on Pinterest that looks amazing. Check it out here. I am in love with even just baking these with salt/garlic salt and some olive oil. They can become crispy-esque like chips. Now they are not a staple in my every grocery visit but I like to make them from time to time.
  3. Carrots: Let me just say hummus. Carrots and hummus = amazing.
  4. Apples: I love basically anything fruit. But apple + peanut butter is a combination made in heaven! I also love apples with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice (and loads of it!).
  5. Bread: I personally love Daves Killer Bread, however I haven’t been able to find it on the east coast yet… But it is my favorite. Instead what I get is usually the ezekiel bread you find in the frozen bread section! So yummy and good for you!
  6. Arrabiata Sauce: If you have never tried this type of pasta sauce it is a MUST. It is a spicy pasta sauce that is garlic-y and so so so good! I love it with any type of pasta and even maybe some meatballs.
  7. Berries: I love berries for on top of yogurt (another thing I always try to have in my fridge), just by themselves, to flavor up my water, etc. I usually shop the grocery store deals that week so depending on what the deal is my selection usually ranges.
  8. Avocado: I love avocado toast and sometimes I top and egg on there too! It is awesome, fresh and provides you essential fats that you need.
  9. Cucumber: I love cucumber and salt as a snack. Also it tastes great in water and is super refreshing.
  10. Mint: I love adding it to water and I love using it in recipes! The recipes I make are drink recipes (duh). I use it in my amazing mojito coffee recipe , and my favorite go to mojito smoothie recipe , and also virgin or not virgin ( 😉 ) mojitos. In other words I love mojitos. (If you can’t tell.)
  11. Frozen Mangoes: I add these to smoothies and also just eat them frozen as a snack.


Next time you go grocery shopping check out some of this stuff! I ALWAYS shop the deals so definitely check out what your grocery store offers.

Xoxo, Chandler Irene

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