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Hello May: Goals!

So now that it is May 1st I thought I would sit down and choose some goals for myself for the month! These are things that I will be focusing on in particular this month to feel balanced and getting me to that healthier lifestyle step by step.

Two months ago (for March) I chose 3 goals that I would stick to. I actually completed all of them so this makes me excited to choose 3 more for May! IMG_4831

Goal #1: Start the 30 day Vegan Challenge

Now for me, my goal of starting this is because I have been watching many videos and documentaries recently that have been altering my view on animal products.

Some of them, which I encourage you to watch, are : 1. Cowspiracy. Now this one is more focused on the environment. 2. Fork over Knife. This documentary is more focused on the health aspect and endless benefits of a plant based diet and also talks about all of the health problems that animal products in our diet bring us. Both of these documentaries are on Netflix! Next on my list is “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear” on Youtube.

Yes it seems hard but I have been watching so many vegan Youtubers and I think I can do it! Some of them that I watch, which again I recommend you do too, are : Freelee the Banana Girl. She does come off harsh but after watching many of her videos I now think they are eye opening and educational. I LOVE BonnyRebecca. She is so cute and promotes a high carb low fat vegan diet (which is what I would probably do during the vegan challenge). I also follow That Vegan Couple, Banana TV, Mr. and Mrs. Vegan, and High Carb Hannah.

Goal #2: Get back to the Gym (5-6 days a week!)

Pre-finals, finals, move out, and now a road trip across the country back to Oregon kept me busy and lacking sleep putting my gym on the back burner. Now this isn’t ok but I made the subconscious decision that it was, BUT all throughout this time of not going and working out I HAVE been eating correctly and healthy on a mostly plant based diet with minimal animal products. I wasn’t able to cut them out completely but I just haven’t been finding them satisfying recently (I usually ate about 2 meals plant based and 1 not). So at least the eating right has been keeping me somewhat on track to health-ify and better my life!

Goal #3: Read more

This is pretty simple but I want to read more instead of watching tv!

Let me know what your goals for May are by commenting! I would love to hear what yours are!

Xoxo, Chandler



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