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Travel: Savannah, Georgia

This week is going to be all about travel!

My dad and I are driving across the country from North Carolina where I attend High Point University to Oregon, where I live. It will be a check off his bucket list and I am along for the adventure and the journey (and also to get home).

So our first stop… Savannah, Georgia.



These adorable three story buildings housed the cafe we went to the morning after our dinner at Treylor Park. I ordered the peppered pancake fried chicken tacos topped with strawberry salsa! So good. And my dad ordered the special, ahi tuna tacos. If you are ever in Savannah, GA you HAVE to go!


The next morning we went to Cafe M and ordered two croissant melts and two white chocolate custom lattes. SO AMAZING.




Right after we drove to my all time favorite restaurant in Savannah, GA…

The Collins Quarter.



I only went to pick up one of my favorite coffee drinks EVER… Aka The Spiced Lavender Mocha. They have an adorable coffee window just to order their amazing drinks. So perfect for me since my dad and I had to hit the road to be on time with our arrival in Florida.

I first went to The Collins Quarter last year when my dad made a two day trip to Charleston and then Savannah.



The Eggs Benedict with Lox

We also walked around last year and I found the most amazing cemetery COVERED with spanish moss. (I love spanish moss.)


I also found some spanish moss (aka my love) outside of Cafe M!



I hope you enjoyed!

Tomorrow is New Orleans, LA!

(In other words the highlight of our trip since neither my dad and I have been!)

Xoxo, Chandler


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