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All About Nice Cream

Vegan Obsession: Nice Cream

I love nice cream. It is simple to make, delicious, satisfying, and cheap!

College has made me a little more aware of how I spend my money on groceries.

An easy way to get around the budget for groceries is to stock up on bananas every time I go shopping. I usually get two huge bundles of bananas so I have around ten for the week.

After they ripen (which usually sneaks up on me) I cut them all up and put them into baggies for each serving (usually a banana or two is all I can fit in my tiny ass stomach at one time).

It is SO SO simple to make I can’t believe not everyone eats it all the time!  Your banana(s) (as much as you want) and water ( or almond, coconut, hemp, oat milk whatever you want) just so that it will blend smoothly.

When I first started making banana nice cream I made the mistake of adding too much water… Don’t add to much. Also I find that it helps if you let them thaw for like 10-15 minutes before blending so you can use minimal water!

Previously I have added peanut butter, or Nutella or peanut better and Nutella to my nice cream just to change up the flavors. It honestly tastes like ice cream.

My favorite toppings for nice cream include: chia seeds, psyllium husk, hemp seeds, flax seeds, any berry or fruit, granola or some type of cereal thing, nuts, and anything else I can find.


Try it out and let me know what you think!

Xoxo, Chandler

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