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Vacation Must Have’s

So I am officially on route to Kauai! I am so beyond grateful and excited to go on a family vacation to one of my favorite places.

In honor to a new vacation series, I thought I would do my must haves for vacations in a beachy, warm, sunny, kind of tropical place!

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Off the Shoulder Dress (1)

I love this one from Revolve. It is a gorgeous blush pink color and just hangs beautifully. I just think there is something so beautiful of an off the shoulder dress. I sometimes even spice up my shoulder a tad by placing some highlighter right on the edge to make me glow a little bit! Also a cheaper option is this one from Urban Outfitters. I actually purchased this for myself (in white of course)!

Rose Gold Sunnies (2 & 8)

I am OBSESSED with rose gold sunglasses right now. There are just so many good options that are budget friendly too! The cheapest pair that are great are actually these from Nordstrom’s and they were only $12! Other great pairs are from Quay Australia that include the Vivienne, GeminiMuse and High Key.


Jouer Skinny Dip Lip Topper (3)

This is an absolutely necessity if you love gold gloss, glow, juicy lips or great products. The color “Skinny Dip” is a metallic shimmering golden nude and looks stunning on all skin tones.


Palm Leaf Swimwear (4)

These particular bottoms can be found at Revolve and I need to get these. Just to be completely straight forward with you. I have been drooling over palm leaf swimwear for what seems like years and still have it on my wish list and not in my collection (yet). The key to these palm leaf bottoms being to great is that the print is just spot on. Print that isn’t spot on looks wrong or crappy.

Next up…

White Nail Polish (5)
Right now I am rocking a bright white mani/pedi for vacation and I feel fresh, clean and so put together when I have my nails stark white. I love the Dazzle Dry collection in particular because it 1. strengthens your nails as you wear it with provitamin B and calcium, 2. it doesn’t yellow as you wear it, and dries rock hard within 5 minutes after you put on the top coat. It doesn’t use a UV light, dries like gel/shellac and comes off with normal nail polish remover just like nail polish does. (Also, it is vegan!)


White One Piece Swimwear (6)

I am obsessed with the color white… Can you tell yet?

Maybe? If you didn’t maybe this next must have will solidify it for you.

White swimwear is my ISH. I love it.

So I went onto Revolve and well in love with some of these one piece suits. I am also in love with scallops right now on swimwear and also high neck wear so this one on the left was calling my name. The one in the middle is almost a Baywatch throwback but in white. It his the high sides on the hips, a low back and is just simple but stunning. And last but not least, the right one is subtly sexy with the mesh cut outs but still stylish and covering.

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Baseball Hat (7)

For my trip to Kauai… I’m not proud to admit… but I will… I brought five baseball hats. My justification is that they are all different and can be useful in all different situations with different outfits. I have a white Ralph Lauren one, a light pink Phillies one, two sorority ones, one being gray and the other black, and last but not least a navy vineyard vines one. So of course I need to add another to my collection. This one to be exact. Again, it is white which is my favorite color for summer.


Sunscreen (9)

Being that I am shade NW13 pale I need to protect myself from the sun, getting burnt and potentially getting wrinkly and have skin cancer.

Yeah I basically relax in the shade since every time I enter the sun’s views I burn.

So I have been living, breathing, dying for the Coola sunscreen! Especially the coconut, citrus mimosa and guava/mango scents!

Something I LOVE about Coola is that their products are cruelty-free, recyclable, green-friendly, and made with certified organic ingredients. If you don’t want to put that on your skin vs one that has everything bad, then you are crazy and we can’t be friends. (Just kidding but really, quality over quantity.)

Liquid Luminizers (10)

I love liquid luminizers because they give such a natural glow, is so versatile and lasts FOREVER. The one I have in my makeup bag
right now is the Sephora brand Radiant Luminizing Drops. I have the shade morning light which is a gorgeous golden champagne color. I also want to try the Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops in the shade Moonlight.


So that is it for my vacation must haves! Let me know what your must haves are!

Xoxo, Chandler

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