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Kauai, Hawaii


Kauai is probably one of my favorite places to go to on vacation.

Now I have been to Maui and Oahu (and my parents have been to the big island) but still we love our little Kauai. It is so green since the canyon is the 2nd rainiest place on earth, but in Poipu (where we stay) is sunny, has gorgeous beaches and warm water. The island itself is the least habited of all the islands since 1/4th of it doesn’t have people living on it. This part is called the Na pali coast and it is an intense hike that spans over multiple days.





One of my favorite places to visit, other than Poipu, is Hanalei. Hanalei is on the north side of the island, is small, very welcoming and is full of quality places, beaches, and people. Hanalei basically as far up as you can go by car. On our drive back to our hotel we stopped at this outlook that was breathtaking. You could see all the taro fields below and the mountains above with the waterfalls that run down the center of those mountains. The north side is definitely more cloudy but it full of character. (Like I mentioned before, the Na Pali coast can be accessed… if you hike.)

Now lets do a little change of topic.

When I am on vacation I love adventuring and relaxing.

My idea of vacation is visiting little towns, looking around, and sitting by the ocean or pool, soaking up the sun and reading a book or listening to a podcast.

Right now I am reading The Soul Searchers Handbook by Emma Mildon.

The podcast I have been listening to is the Him and Her Podcast which I wrote a whole post on already! Check it out here to see why I’ve been loving it!


My favorite place to lounge is right in front of the water on lawn chairs to lay out and soak up the sun.

Another favorite of mine on vacation is making food.

Yes you heard that right…

I like making food. Even on vacation.

Kauai makes it easy with all the fruit options that grow here. My Mom, sisters and I went to a local farmers market and picked up some amazing produce, coconut, mango, papaya, passionfruit, banapples, etc.



As of right now I am an acai/pitaya fanatic so of course I brought my Nutribullet on vacation to make bowls.

Not only do they look gorgeous but they keep me completely full until lunch.



Some of my favorite toppings include granola, chia seeds, hemp seeds, banana, strawberry, mango and banana.

In other words, whatever fresh fruit is on hand.


Another day I took a papaya, took out the seeds, cut up banapple, added passion fruit and mountain apple (it tastes like pear) and ate it for breakfast.

When I was starting to run out of ingredients I took a papaya, emptied it out, made banana ice cream, put it in the papaya and added hemp seeds to one and chia to another.

Something else that is inexpensive and delicious…

Nice Cream (Banana ice cream)!



I already wrote a whole post on nice cream here so make sure to check that out!

Kauai is honestly so green, full of life and is my ideal type of vacation destination.

If shopping is your thing on vacation, there are many shopping areas in Lihue, Koloa, Hanalei, and Kapa’a.

If hikes are your thing, there are spots all over the island with all different difficulty levels.

If beaches are your thing, it is an island… it is one entire beach.

If snorkeling is your thing, there is great snorkeling on so many beaches around the island.

Definitely put it on your To Travel list.

Xoxo, Chandler

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