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Quay x Desi Perkins Collab: High Key

For the past few months I have been wanting a new pair of sunglasses but could never settle on just one. Not just one pair was perfect.

To narrow it down a bit, I have been high key lusting over rose gold aviator sunnies for a while.

First I was in love with Quay x Amanda Steele’s collaboration, in particular the rose gold muse sunnies

Then I saw Desi Perkin’s Quay x Desi Perkins reveal video of the sunnies and DIED over the rose gold high key sunglasses.

(They also come in a black mirrored version that are equally as gorgeous.)

I mean look how STUNNING these are!

So perfectly oversized, shaped and the details of the sunglasses make these sunglasses so beautiful. Also the fact that they are flat and don’t curve like other aviators make them pretty special.

Let me know if you are loving these as much as I am!







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Xoxo, Chandler

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