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PDX: Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

Last night my friend Brittany and I decided to venture out to Portland for a late dinner after each having a long day of work.

The plating of the food at Cheese and Crack is quite unique, simplistic, and organized and thus it caught my eye as someone posted a picture on Instagram like a year ago.

Now a year later I finally made it out to have such a beautiful, yet delicious, plate of food.



We decided to get frozen lemonades (a perfect mix of sweet and sour), the “Our Favorites Sampler Plate” with an addition of baguette and salami, and also dessert, “The Cheese & Crack Sundae”.





The Sampler plate includes Beecher’s cheddar (made in Seattle, WA), Mycella bleu, brie brûlée, Cana De Oveja, double crackers, double baguette, olives, cornichons, marionberry jam, dijon mustard and honey.



The Sundae has chocolate ganache on the bottom, layers of cinnamon butter cracker crumble, vanilla soft serve and is topped with torched housemate marshmallow.

YUM right?!


Honestly it was a great dinner with even better company!

If you’re ever in Portland, OR you HAVE to check out Cheese and Crack Snack Shop.

Xoxo, Chandler

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