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The Perfect Sandal – On Sale!


I am obsessed with these sandals from Steve Madden. They are the ‘Darcie’ sandal.

I wear them every time it is warm out, with jeans, dresses, whatever and they are just so simple and go with absolutely EVERYTHING!

and now… They are on Sale!!!!

They are my everything and now I am going to get them in black.

I wore these all during my road trip across the country (check out this post, this post and this post) and my feet never hurt from them.

PLUS, I get soo many compliments on them! So now they are yours! Get your hands on them.

I also think they look great when you want to be a little more on the dressy side like in this post when I went to dinner in Kauai (a post about Kauai here).

Technically Nordstrom is price matching BUT Nordstrom is the best with shoes and returns. They just get it. So price…

The shoes started at $79.95 and now are lowered $20! To $59.95.

A must.

shoe collage

Taupe Suede // Black Suede

Let me know if you are going to get them!

Xoxo, Chandler

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