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PDX: Tea Bar







One of my favorite places to go in Portland for tea-esque drinks and esthetic is Tea Bar.

With 2 locations, one on SE Division and the other on NE Killingsworth, each is a gorgeous simplistic place to enjoy a matcha latte, boba, kombucha, and so many other delicious drinks.

(Check out their blog, here!)

Yesterday I actually purchased 2 decal stickers for my laptop and whatever else I decide might need a little Tea Bar love. One says, “I love you so matcha” (cute right!) and the other is the Tea Bar sticker they put on their to-go cups and jars.

So far I have tried their lavender, matcha, taro boba milk tea, their vanilla matcha latte and their london fog tea latte. All were amazing! Check out their menu to see all the amazing drinks.

If you are unable to make it out to Tea Bar and just want some merchandise to make your own Tea Bar experience, check out here!



-These last two were taken last summer during my first trip to Tea Bar-

Xoxo, Chandler

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