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White Hot & Nude Athleisure

White Hot” is a huge trend for this season thus inspiring some of my athleisure picks.

white hot and nude fitness w numb


1.// Polar Crystal Loop // I purchased this a couple weeks ago because my fitbit died and I get so many compliments! There are so many pros about this fitness tracker. Ready for some of my faves? 1. The battery life, 2. The accuracy of the calorie tracker, 3. You can set activity goals, 4. Gives you an an inactivity alert when you sit too long etc. One con… The app does not work well or really at all. But it lights up to show you main points on the band itself so the app isn’t really necessary. Will do a full post soon!

2.// Adanola Barre Bra // I first heard about this brand, “Adanola” from Kelsey Wells (also known on Instagram as @mysweatlife). I wrote a post about why she is my favorite fitstagram account here. She just rocks the line so make sure to check her and the brand out! They do minimalistic, high quality, perfected pieces.

3.// Adanola Barre Legging // Same as for the bra, I want the leggings just as much. They would be so gorgeous on any skin tone.

4.// Rose Gold Drop Bottle // This bottle is minimalistic goals. I love the rose gold top but also they have a matte black, metallic black and peach bottle. It is designed to be a water infuser that is made of glass and is made of no nasties (BPA free and no nasty toxins).

5.// Heroine Sport Performance Tank // I love the cut of this tank. It is simple but so flattering with the neckline and built in sports bra will keep the look of this tank, clean and ultra white.

6.// Varley Beth Crop Sports Bra // Ok picture this… High waisted leggings, this sports bra, this jacket, and a purse. So cute right?! I have been looking for the perfect white sports bra and this may be it.

7.// IPL Techloom Phantom Sneaker // The Kardashians rep the IPL sneakers and understandably so. They are not only cute, great quality, but serve multiple purposes at the same time, whether it is running, training, etc.

Leave your “White Hot” athleisure picks in the comments!

Xoxo, Chandler

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