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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Pick


My Pick: The Adidas ‘Superstar’ Sneaker in white.

I am OBSESSED with these shoes!

If you know me whatsoever (or have seen me out and about at all) I am 90% of the time in “athleisure”. (Check out my athleisure picks here.)

Living, breathing, dying, eating, laughing, crying athleisure.

So these are the perfect addition to wear everyday, dressed up, dressed down whatever your heart desires!

Personally I could see myself either wearing these with a dress, skirt, yoga pants, shorts, jeans (ok yeah so everything).

Let me know if you have Adidas Superstars and how you like them or if you are going to buy these!

(BRB going to buy these shoes now!)

Xoxo, Chandler


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