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Kylie Lip Kits: My Thoughts

Ok lets talk lip kits…

Lip kits by King Kylie herself.

I have had a decent amount of time with each one that I own to give you some feedback!

So I own “So Cute” (gloss), “Heir” (metal), “Exposed” and “Koko K” (matte).

(In other words, a sample from each type of product.)

My favorite to least favorite would have to be, “So Cute”, then “Exposed”, then “Koko K” and lastly “Heir”.

I LOVE the gloss that I have! It is not sticky at all, has great pigmentation, and the color is so flattering for me and fair to light skin tones. If you are a light to medium skin tone then I would do “Literally” and then medium to dark skin tones, I would suggest “Like“. I would have to pick the gloss as my favorite BECAUSE I find it the most wearable for myself. I love a glossy lip in the spring, summer time. Lipgloss just makes your lips look juicy, doesn’t dry them out like a matte would and wears down naturally so you don’t get butthole lips.

Next would have to be the mattes! My first liquid lip purchase was “Koko K”, so I will always have a special relationship with that one, but “Exposed”, for me personally, is more wearable because it isn’t as harshly dark against my fair skin tone. Now the mattes are very wearable and last a long time. I mean with time, eating and drinking, you are bound to get butthole lips but that is basically inevitable. I do suggest getting the lip kit so you have the matching liner to lipstick to prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

Finally “Heir“. I am not by any means saying that the metals aren’t amazing at all. HOWEVER they do not have the longevity or pigmentation as the matte and isn’t nearly as wearable on a daily basis as some other shades are. It is a great shade for fun and to have just in case the time calls for a metal lipstick.






{So Cute, Koko K, Heir, Exposed}

Next on my “To Purchase” list from Kylie Cosmetics is True Brown K, Candy K, and Mary Jo K!

Let me know what you think of the Kylie lip kits!

Xoxo, Chandler

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