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New ColourPop Goodies

I am just super into getting new posts out this week I guess because I am on a roll! 🤘


Anywayyyy I got an order from ColourPop and I am obsessed with the three little goodies I got!

Now if you’ve never heard of ColourPop, 1. You’re crazy but more importantly, 2. They are a great brand of good quality but cheap products. Like the range of prices is from $5-$8 (for single items.). (Collections will obviously cost more money.)


For products that I purchased this time around, I got my hands on 2 eye shadows (one sadly isn’t in stock anymore) and a limited edition highlighter (that isn’t in stock either… I’m sorry!).

If you’ve never tried ColourPop products before they are like nothing else. They have the consistency that is soft and works best when you use your fingers.

ColourPop products are great products that I recommend trying out for yourself! Plus it’s easy to get some “crazy” colors when they are only $5.



So I switched a couple for you however the swatches aren’t really doing them justice. However the top shade is a Super Shock shadow in the shade “Alchemy” (which is out of stock), then we have another Super Shock shadow in the shade “Un“, described as a soft champagne sprinkled with silver multidimensional glitter in a Metallic Finish, which is a part of the Jenn Im collection! (Still in stock by the way.) And lastly is the highlighter called “Churro” which is a ty-dye mix of all their most popular highlighters and was only in stock once since I was limited edition.

(If you can tell I am a fan of neutrals.)

On the other hand I already own a few products from them

Next on my list to purchase is…

(Yes there is a lot of stuff I want from ColourPop… Once you try it out you will become addicted to the price and quality!)

Super Shock Shadows:

  1. Fringe” (a Shimmering champagne with gold and silver glitter)
  2. Girly” (A creamy vanilla with a flash of pink and gold duo chrome finish)
  3. Sugar” (a Metallic silvery blue with small shimmering flecks of silver and tons of champagne and gold glitter)


  1. Lights Out” (a metallic liquid lipstick) (available soon!)
  2. Tight Fit” (A light peachy pink with highlights of pink, silver and gold shimmer in a Metallic finish)
  3. Fairy Floss” (A pale beige in a Sheer finish)


  1. Stole The Show” (Light cool-toned gold with luminous flashes of pink, silver and gold highlighter)
  2.  “Bon Voyage” (Asoft tan bronzer in a Matte finish. Recommended for Fair- Light skin tones)

Let me know what ColourPop products you recommend below!

Xoxo, Chandler

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