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Bombshell Body Guide 7 day Mealplan


So after “doing me” for a little bit after my 30 day vegan challenge I decided I wanted to have a meal plan or some sort of specific eating plan for a little bit to give my eating life a little more structure.

(At this point daily cookies were normal and eating milanos on the reg. Just very unhealthy.)

And it just so happened to be that my favorite blogger, Lauryn Evarts, creator of my favorite blog, The Skinny Confidential, released her 7 day eating plan of food she actually eats. She wrote down what she ate for 7 days straight and thus this meal plan was created.

This is the “Shredding for the Wedding” Meal Plan than can be accessed if you are a Bombshell Body guide user and she is creating an option just to buy this 7 day meal plan that should be available soon.

So my mom and I went to the store on a Sunday and purchased everything from the grocery list to a T.

(She ended up bailing early but I saw the meal plan all the way through.)



If you are wondering I am not going to give exact day by day snacks and meals because that would be not fair. You just have to go buy it for yourself if you’re interested!

I WILL however give you new staples for different meals and my thoughts of the program!

So for the entire program I LOVED LOVED LOVED having all my meals laid out for me! I just prepped them in the morning and brought all of my little containers to work with me to eat throughout the day!

The roughest part of every single day was The Skinny Confidential Detox Drink… Basically it is apple cider vinegar (this one is THE BEST. Unfiltered, Raw & Organic. I will go into a post about it!), grapefruit or lemon (squeezed), water, mint, cayenne and turmeric. She drinks it in a huge mason jar but I found that the only way I could get it down on a daily basis was putting it in a regular glass (minus all the water), chugging it and then finishing off a huge thing of water after to rinse it down and get the taste out of my mouth.

It is SO good for you but is just hard to get used to.

Staples for my diet that I got from this meal plan include greek yogurt with grapefruit segments! YUM. I also add chia and hemp seeds and a little bit of honey for added benefits.

Next staple is an open-faced sandwich that has avocado, turkey, dijon mustard and chili flakes. SO GOOD. I have a new found love for dijon now after this meal plan.

Chili flakes are also a new staple! I love to spice anything and everything up. Scrambled eggs, chili flakes. Pasta, chili flakes. Brussel sprouts, chili flakes. Anything, chili flakes. You get the gist.

I can’t forget freshly ground almond butter! SO good. I went to a store and they had a fresh ground peanut and almond machine that makes peanut butter and almond butter FRESH. It honestly is a game changer.



Final Thoughts…

I felt so light and energetic after day 1 of the meal plan. (On day 1 I was just sluggish because that is just how my body reacts to any diet change.) I felt good about myself and what I was eating during the entire week and hope to redo it again soon!

Honestly I completely recommend trying out this meal plan! It is 100% worth it.

xx, Chandler

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