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Back to School: Backpacks


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 For me, backpacks are a must.

Now I do admit I have used my fair share of shoulder book bags over the years. BUT I always make sure to have a backpack on hand in case I have to bring textbooks to class (for whatever reason). I don’t play with shoulder issues any more from carrying to much in a shoulder back instead of being smart and using a backpack.

Soo with that in mind… I have picked out many backpacks that are Something Blissful approved!

I tried to keep many different styles of people and prices in mind when picking out these bad boys.

I do admit that this year I was weirdly more drawn to black backpacks but also fell in love with the lighter pinks, whites and nudes.

Even if you don’t need a backpack for school, I do love using them for flying back and forth across the country to and from school. Flying with a shoulder back kind of sucks only when you have a laptop, books, chargers etc. piling in and all of a sudden it is 20 pounds on one shoulder as you have connecting flights. So I always fly with a backpack!

Let me know which is your favorite!

xx, Chandler

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