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Back To School: Little Necessities

As of right now we have covered backpacks, planners, and room decor. So what is next? All of the little random things that you may not know you need but realize you need them somewhere down the road after school starts! All of these could be used on the daily so check out what I found!

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1. // Sonix ‘Ruby Rose’ Portable iPhone Charger – I am ALLL about this charger because it has a built in cord! I mean do you know how unreasonable it is to 1) carry a three foot long cord in your purse for a portable charger or 2) to buy a couple inch long cord just for that same portable charger!? Sonix has just simplified the game with a cute, sleek charger that is neat and stylish.

2. // Tarte ‘Not So Slick’ Oil-Absorbing Blotting Papers – I don’t know if you are oily but honestly they are great to have around especially if it will still have some hot days while at school. It is not cute to look shiny because of sweat so these bad boys are so helpful even if you aren’t oily!

3. // Kate Spade Strike Gold Pen Set – I have been obsessed with these pens since my sister, Grayson, snapped me a picture of them while she was in San Louis Obispo, California at her college orientation. They are gorgeous and would just be such a great addition to a desk.

4. // Pinch Provisions Skinny Minimergency Kit – I ALWAYS have one of these on me! (Well what is left of mine anyway). It is so so so handy if you ever have an emergency like if you forgot to put on deodorant and you’re sweating up a storm, if you cut yourself on something, you have a bandaid or if you break a nail then you have access to a file. There are 22 emergency solvers in the kit so it is a must-have.

5.  // Rebecca Minkoff ‘Regan’ Card Case  (Black) – Even thought the white and black are basically the same thing…

6. // Rebecca Minkoff ‘Regan’ Card Case (White) – …it is a great way of carrying your student id, license and credit/debit cards any where you go!

7. // Ban.do ‘Gel Yeah’ Gel Pens – As mentioned in this post, I love love love color coding my planner! So these pens are perfect but adorable as well!

8. // Sonix ‘Rose Buds’ Earbuds – Everyone needs a good set of earbuds and these are ones that you should consider buying next time your apple ones die on you while running.

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