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First off I want to apologize for going MIA for a little bit (like a week)… The wifi at my house, for whatever reason, wouldn’t load anything to do with my blog and writing posts on my phone, laptop or even the desktop we have and would only load if I turned my phone into a hotspot. Weird right?! Anyway I used it enough (sorry dad) do give Something Blissful a little mini refresh if you can notice it! So I thought I would tell you about some of the new things I brought to the blog!

You probably noticed this one right off the bat when the blog loaded… You see and entry screen of a picture of me at Tea Bar (post about it here and here) and something along the lines saying “welcome! Scroll down to explore more about lifestyle, beauty and food”. I decided to do this 1.) because why not and 2. Because I think it just adds a little special touch. Who knows if it will stay, but it is here for now, and 3) it only shows up once. So if you come to Something Blissful more than once in a day it won’t show up again! Because I know not everyone who is an avid reader will want to see more Tea Bar than necessary.


Next up is the footer of the page! So if you scroll all the way down you will notice I reconfigured everything you may want to check out and included a little section of things I am loving at the moment! This will change depending on what I am loving (obviously) so make sure to always check back to see if anything has been added!

I changed the footer because on all posts I took off the side bar. I wanted the post to be really focused on what I was writing instead of seeing me with a bunch of other things to check out. It was just too overwhelming for my taste.


I also condensed the menu at the top of the page. Now you have a list of “categories” with a drop down menu to select topic in particular instead of seeing all of them at once. Again this I feel just makes it look a little cleaner!


You will also notice, when you click a topic, say “beauty”, the layout of posts has changed! I feel that this just makes it easier to scroll to either something in particular you are looking for and let’s you see more than before with the alternating of the home page.


Lastly I created two new pages on the menu bar! 1) is a contact me form. Just in case you need to contact me I wanted to make sure it was super easy. 2) is a blogroll. Or in other words a list of all my favorite blogs that I check out on the daily! I have certain blogs that fit into categories if I am looking for a certain thing, say if I want a dose of health/fitness-ness that day I would check out My Sweat Life!



I hope you now go check out all of the new features and let me know what you think! I love feedback and comments!

Xx, Chandler



    • Chandler Irene
      August 23, 2016 / 8:04 pm

      Thank you!! Xx

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