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PDX: Carioca


a native of Rio de Janeiro




I’m all about bowls. Smoothie bowls, acai, pitaya, nice cream bowls. You name it, I love it. So when some of my coworkers and I decided to get together on a day we were all free, we went to Carioca, a bowl hotspot, on Alberta street in Portland, Oregon.

Whenever I make bowls for myself, I never seem to make it right. The consistency is always too smoothie-like or unable to blend completely. And if I get it the right consistency it always seems to melt into a smoothie as I get all the toppings on.

So going out for a good bowl that doesn’t turn soupy in the first 5 minutes is a must (at least for me)

Carioca is a place that has great bowls. They have a good assortment of flavors, toppings and additional add-ons. My all time favorite bowl is the “copacabana” (which is pictured above). It is the carioca blend with coconut cream and coconut milk and Topped with coconut oil. YUM. I didn’t know coconut oil (which looks like melted wax on that bowl) could taste so good and be SUCH a game changer. I always add pitaya (dragon fruit), raspberries and bee pollen. (The bananas and granola come on every bowl.)

All the food at Carioca is organic and vegan!

If you’re ever in Portland you have to check out Carioca

xx, Chandler

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