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My 1st Order From Beautylish








Yes… yes… I know I’m late to the bandwagon. But I finally hopped on and made my first Beautylish purchase!

Woo! Yay!

I have been eye-balling Beautylish for a while now and decided to give a couple products and the website, a go.

First off lets quickly note about packaging. That opening look to the box is EVERYTHING. I love the lips with the lipstick and “Beautylish” written across in metallic lettering. So chic.

I decided to purchase my potential “perfect nude” lipstick (which I’m pretty sure I did!) and the powder that Jaclyn Hill RAVES about. So the powder is the RCMA no color powder and it seriously is just as good as the Laura Mercier translucent powder and is a fraction of the cost! I also have had my eye on a “perfect nude” lipstick. And trust me… its been a rough road of trials and errors. I was looking at MAC for a lipstick but ideally I wanted to look at other brands to purchase from. Charlotte Tilbury always has my attention (I mean look at the packaging) and when I saw swatches of the new Hot Lips lipstick in the shade Kim K W. I knew I needed it! And honestly it is perfect!

You have to try these products. They are just completely awesome and so is Beautylish!

Will definitely be ordering from them again.

xx, Chandler

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