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Polar Loop Crystal



Let’s talk about my Polar Loop Crystal.

I’ve been trying it out and playing with it, seeing how it works etc. and now I can finally tell you what I think about it.

Overall I do love this activity tracker and will keep it until I need a new one. I love the accuracy of the calories, steps and activity settings. The one downside is that my device has a huge issue connecting to the app.

Lets talk about Pros and Cons…


So cute – I love the crystals and white aesthetic

Way more accurate than a Fitbit (which was my last tracker)

The activity guide helps me reach my activity goals


App and syncing doesn’t work as well as Fitbit

In all honesty, you do not NEED this specific activity tracker but it definitely wins in all of the looks departments. It is gorgeous and I get so many compliments on it. If I had to buy a new activity tracker right now I would get this one but honestly a FitBit is just as great. If you want one that works well and looks so cute then definitely get the loop crystal!

xx, Chandler


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