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My Skincare Routine


Currently I am LOVING my skincare routine and I thought I would share it with you!

Now I will admit I have this serum in mind for when I want to splurge a little bit thanks to my beautiful sister Samantha, who has a lovely blog you should check out here! (If you ever want to check out my favorite blogs, like hers, check out my Blogroll!) She RAVES about it (here and here) and now I want to try it…

Anyway back to the post:

I try to keep it pretty simple yet effective and am always looking out for the new products that may change the game for me. But right now I am completely happy with my college skincare routine!

Simple Face Wipes // In the past I used this Boscia Makeup Breakup Oil however since getting my eyelash lift and tint I haven’t used that so the results stay as amazing as they are now and for the next 6 weeks. So now I have been loving any type of face wipes. Right now I have been loving the Simple ones since I have had some hits and misses with face wipes before.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser // I love this cleanser. It is newer to me but has become a staple product. This cleanser cleans my skin (and can remove makeup) without leaving it stripped, feeling dry or leaving it not clean enough. I use this both morning and night and it just leaves my skin feeling amazing. Make sure to check out all Glossier here!

Glossier Priming Moisturizer // My 2-in-1 morning, time saving product is this moisturizer. It is light but hydrating and doesn’t leave any film-y feeling on my skin. With its priming attributes it leaves my skin in the morning prepped and ready for makeup application. Glossier is my new obsession. Don’t miss out.. click here!

Pixi Glow Tonic Toner // I love toners because when I apply one my skin feels extra clean. As if there is no speck of dirt, makeup, or sweat left on my skin to turn into a blemish. I hate super alcohol-smelling toners and this is the opposite. It smells clean and has really helped the texture on my skin. I use this product mainly at night to finish getting all the grime off my face from the long day I just had unless I don’t have enough time in the morning to wash my face, then I use this to wipe the oils away that my skin naturally produces.

Pixi 24 k Eye Elixer // I love this product. It is so light and feels AMAZING if you put it in the refrigerator even just 15 minutes before using it in the morning. It is light, sinks in quickly and keeps my under eye area hydrated. I use this product both morning and night to keep my bags on the down low.

The Lotus Sleeping Pack // This is a newer product in my cabinet however I am sold. It has helped reduce some of the redness in my skin, and is such a light but intensive moisturizer that doesn’t make me break out and improves my skin every time I use it. No joke.

Bite Beauty Lip Mask // If your lips are ever feeling gross, dry and needing a little TLC then you need this mask. I put this on before I go to bed (you need half a pea size) and you wake up in the morning with baby soft lips. It is also a must before wearing liquid lipsticks.

Castor Oil // As I mentioned in my Lash Lift Experience post. I emptied out a Maybelline Clear Mascara container and put in the castor oil to make it easier to use! Currently I am not using this religiously because my eyelashes and eyebrows are tinted and the oil takes it off but I will be using it when it wears off!

Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 // I always have to have this in my cabinet. For whatever reason my skin responds better to benzoyl peroxide than salicylic acid and this Clean and Clear gel is all benzoyl peroxide. It just zaps my blemishes away basically overnight and I wake up with clearer skin.

Let me know what your staple skincare item is! (I am always looking for the best new thing.)

xx, Chandler

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