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Navy, White and Black

navy white and black

 Navy // White // Black

Right now, for whatever reason, I am loving everything about home design. Maybe from finishing my room at school this year (which will be up soon!) and just really loving the aesthetic I have going on, but home design is just what I am feeling. While in this design craze of mine I found myself being drawn to navy, which has never happened before. I actually am not a fan of navy in the slightest when it comes to clothing but for the home, I am all about the touches of navy mixed with black and white.

Now the inspiration I pulled for this post’s collage was taking navy, and mixing it with black and white in a sophisticated way that really came well together to create something everyone knows and loves, black and white, while integrating a twist.

I hope you find yourself maybe loving navy a little bit more.

xx, Chandler

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