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My Favorite Perfume: 3 Ways

Nirvana Black

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

I love this perfume and have for a long time. The scent itself has notes of violet, sandalwood and vanilla and is described as sensual, mysterious and warm. I personally love vanilla-y, musky, warm scents and it just makes sense that this is my favorite. (I consider myself picky when it comes to perfumes too.)

Recently I finished my first ever bottle and thought I would look into getting a new one. Little did I know that my favorite perfume, mainly for the winter time, comes in so many more forms that just a traditional spray.

After reading reviews I decided on my favorite 3 products of this scent. One being the traditional perfume, two being a dry shampoo and three being a solid perfume compact.

I am very intrigued on how the solid perfume compact would work with my life (considering I travel a decent amount and perfume always seems to leak in my luggage) and am definitely going to try the dry shampoo as another way to douse myself in this scent.

I can’t wait to try out new adaptations of my Nirvana Black.

Shop my picks below!

xx, Chandler

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