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Alo Yoga: White, Sage and Nude Athleisure


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My Current Obsession: Alo Yoga

After going through their entire website just looking around, I found that I was drawn to many of the white and sage colored items that they sell. So boom. Blog post on it. If I am loving it as much as I am at the moment, maybe someone else is too!

My top 2 favorites from this 9 piece collection are probably this pant and this top. I love the high neck of the top and think it would be so cute for the fall and winter while the pant in white is just stunning. The pant is just the most perfect pant for winter white athleisure wear.

Also if you are a certified yoga instructor you should check out their Pro Program to maybe save some money!

Check out my other post on white and nude athleisure wear. I am still loving every piece that I picked out.

xx, Chandler

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