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101 in 1001: Update #1

It has officially been 109 days since my original 101 in 1001 post went up and I thought it is time for al little update on what I have accomplished so far. I am not going to include number 1 (Come up with 101 goals to complete in 1001 days) just because that is obvious that it has already been completed.

3. Go Vegan for 1 month // You can read all about my experience here!

10. Go to a yoga class // One of my goals this 2016/2017 school year is to get more into yoga. I love meditation and yoga classes are amazing. I have done yoga classes before but at my gym (which there is nothing wrong with) but I wanted to go to an actual yoga studio and focus on my breathing while completing poses.

28. Buy a crystal // You can read all about my intro to crystals post here but I will let you know that I have a new addition as of about 2 weeks ago so I will try to do a mini post on it soon!

29. Revamp my blog // I actually revamped my blog twice in its lifetime so make sure to read the first post here and second post here! I am in love with how it looks at the moment.

30. Get a customized blog title (image) // The one I purchased is actually the one on the blog right now so just scroll up and check it out!

31. Invest in a good wallet // I just realized I never did a post on my lovely wallet but maybe I will now (or incorporate it into one so you can check it out!). This is it here and I love it. It is completely my style, white with gold accents.

44. Join 3 clubs/organizations at High Point University // So if you have never read my About Me page or this post, then you wouldn’t know that I am in Alpha Chi Omega at High Point University. I also am in the Big Brothers Big Sisters club and this past week or so I joined the new event management club on campus called POP (planning on point).

62. Blog everyday for a week // I actually accomplished this just recently from blogging for an entire week straight! I loved every minute of it but now I think I am going to relax a little bit and post every other, to every few days now.

72. Invest in a new activity tracker // Check out all about my new activity tracker here!

80. Buy a pair of boyfriend jeans // Yes I made the purchase this past weekend actually and I have no regrets. I bought these here.

84. Buy 2 new silver rings // I bought 4 rings (2 being silver, 2 being gold) over the summer with the help of my ring guru Tabi. I am in love with dainty stackable rings so they fit the bill perfectly. I bought this one and this one.

87. Find the perfect nude lipstick // I love this one so much. It is perfect if you are on the fair-er side and is creamy, pigmented and the packaging is perfection. I have a post all about it here.

94. Buy a piece of art // If you read this post on how I wanted to style my room this year at school, you would know the painting that I drew all my inspiration from. Well I asked my talented friend and sister Sarah to paint me her version of that painting and it turned out amazing. Check out this post to see how it turned out!

99. Try out a cosmetic procedure (lash extensions/lift, microblading etc) // Check out my this post all about my lash lift!


Let me know if you decide to create a 101 in 1001!

xx, Chandler

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