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Fall Tones


I am back! Hello how are you? How was your weekend? And are you ready for another post!?

For whatever reason, right now I am wanting it to be fall.

Like full on fall. 60 degrees, leaves changing color and falling, fall scents, apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, candles and indie music.

Recently I have purchased a few candles including this one (the pumpkin chai) and this one from TJ Maxx, and this one (the classic fall candle) and this one from Bath and Body Works. Now I just want it to cool down here in North Carolina so I can wear these dark colors, pants and long sleeves.

With those vibes flowing right now, I was inspired to create a little spread that I love. Another color I am OBSESSED with is burnt orange for the fall. Like a really deep orange. No clue why but I am just loving the idea of it!

Shop my picks below!

xx, Chandler

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