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My Picks: Fall Candle Scents


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The Classic Bath and Body Works Fall Candle Spread

Typical I know… However they honestly have a great variety of scents and they are usually a great price when they are on sale (like right now! They are only $12.50!).

For whatever reason recently I have been really into fall fashion, scents, weather, drinks, food, you name it. So the easy way to bring a little fall into my life at the moment is through candles and wall plug-ins from the one and only, Bath and Body Works. Going to school in North Carolina has its perks, but right now fall fashion isn’t achievable with the 90 degree heat going on everyday of the week. And if it isn’t sunny and warm it is cloudy, and extremely humid. In my opinion this is way worse. So I am left with the activities I can do indoors, the fall drinks, on ice, and fall inspired food.

Anyway… I went to Bath and Body Works (which I always call bed bath on accident) today and smelled ALL of the fall candles they had in stock. I picked the ones I wanted to buy today however only walked away with this one and this one. While I am home however I am going to buy this one or this one because my roommate isn’t the biggest fan of more “manly” scents (aka sandalwood, bergamot, mahogany, or musk) and I completely am for the fall time. Make sure to check out my last post here to check out all of my fall color picks!

Let me know what your favorite fall scents are for the fall! Mine is apple cider anything.

xx, Chandler

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