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The Way of Gray Journal



First off I just think it is important to know that I am in love with these types of journals. I love keeping track of how I am doing on a day to day basis and how I am doing working toward my goals health, fitness, and self-wise.

With that being said a month or so ago I purchased this journal (which is on sale at the moment!) from Sophie Gray, or more commonly known as Way of Gray on Instagram.

Benefits of Journaling:

    • Increased mindfulness (which just means you get better at being in the moment)
    • Judgement-free zone (journals only “listen” – they never talk back)
    • Deeper connection with yourself (because a journal is really just an honest conversation with yourself)
    • Clarity on goals (the more you write, the clearer you get on what you want)
    • Accountability (you make more right-for-you decisions when you know you’re going to report back to your journal)

The journal includes..

    • 84 Daily Quotes (these are some of my favorite sources of daily inspiration)
    • 84 Daily Logs (to record your food, workouts, progress and reflections)
    • Goal-setting tips (my favorite tricks for setting goals the right way)
    • 26 Goal Planning Pages (turn your big goals into easy-to-follow steps)
    • 15 Progress Report Pages (stay on track with periodic check-ins)

I have had many other journals like this one and my second favorite is probably this one (and it is on sale right now) by Lorna Jane! I highly recommend these types of journals especially when you are starting out with a healthy lifestyle or even holding yourself accountable if you are getting back in the swing of things from not eating the best or working out. Definitely check it out and find one that fits your personality and what you need.

xx, Chandler

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