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This & That | Sisterhood Retreat


I recently was inspired by this post here to do more posts on my life. The reason for doing this type of post more often is to let you see more than just what I am loving but what I am doing in a different part of my life.










A few weekends ago my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, had a sisterhood retreat to a nearby park to have fun, film for a video and take adorable pictures.

We spent a while messing with props and filming different clips at a park by campus and I am thinking that if the clips look as good as the photos, we will be golden.

If you read this post you would know that I live in my sorority house on campus, but you probably wouldn’t know that only 15 girls live in the house compared to other campuses where the majority of the girls maybe live in the house. As of now I love living in the house and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else on campus at this point. (Well it would be nice to foster a kitten or something, but you get my point.) All of the girls in the house are amazing and I can’t wait for the rest of the year.

Our photoshoot obviously had the theme of blush tones with a little bit of gray-eige (gray/beige) which turned out gorgeous. It just wasn’t that glamorous to shop for when you waited till last minute like me. Fall was approaching, everyone wants blacks, maroons, grays, greens, and I was shopping for blush, a color that would be out during spring. I just planned it well (not).

Maybe in a different post I will tell you all about my rushing story and other stories around the topic of rush since my experience, rushing twice once as a freshman and again as a sophomore, may be different compared to others. Who knows, I’m just spit balling over here.

Anyway I am happy at this point in my life and this sisterhood photoshoot was just a happy sunny day so far this semester.

Check out my sorority here and here!

xx, Chandler


ps. I am trying to figure out a posting schedule that I can stick with right now. I am either thinking, Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Wednesday, Friday, Sunday or maybe even Monday, Friday, Sunday. So please bear with me!

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