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Go-To Lush Products



A typical trip to Lush can be described as going to pick up 3 goodies and end up walking away with more. So typical.

I love the employees thought and how they try to get me to buy more because I end up finding amazing products that I love, but of course I have my staples.

This particular trip I went in for a face mask, bath bomb and face wash/scrub, but ended up walking away with those and two additional face masks, a bath essential oil ball, gentle face wash and a sample of a primer.

I ALWAYS go to Lush when I am home for every break to 1) get a face mask, 2) get a bath bomb, and 3) (I will admit that I enjoy) learning more about Lush products and being talked into buying more.

First lets talk face masks, then bath bombs and other add-ins, and finally other mix-and-match face products.




From Top to Bottom: Don’t Look at MeCupcakeThe Sacred Truth, Dark Angels

Face Masks:

  • Cupcake: My go-to face mask for when my skin is acting up, is oily, and/or is breaking out. It smells like chocolate and looks kind of like chocolate too. “Cupcake” is “…a chocolate mint mask for young, oily skin… If you suffer from oily or spotty skin, slather it in this cocoa concoction. With spearmint oil to cool, vanilla absolute to calm redness and Rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse- Cupcake is a sweet savior for young faces” (Lush).
  • Don’t Look At Me: When I purchased this I was actually just getting cupcake originally and the bright blue color caught my eyes. The smell is fresh and citrusy. “Don’t look at me” has “Ground rice [in it that] gently scrubs away dry skin, murumuru butter moisturizes and zingy lemon juice tones [skin]. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added organic silken tofu to soften you up in all the right ways”(Lush). The main featured ingredient is kaolin, which is a soft clay.
  • The Sacred Truth: Like I said I was only going in to get cupcake but “The Sacred Truth” actually wasn’t being sold for quite some time due to reformulation. The mask features fresh papaya with its main healing power being to reduce scarring. “The Sacred Truth contains a powerful combination of rich, softening ingredients like linseed, eggs and shea butter to deeply moisturize and nutritious wheat grass, papaya, green tea and ginseng root to restore essential vitamins and brighten skin” (Lush).

Other masks that I love are:

Cosmetic Warrior” which features egg whites and honey to moisturize skin and garlic and tea tree oil to combat any acne to help achieve clear skin.

Cup O’ Coffee” which has kaolin, like “Don’t Look at Me” which is a soft clay, coffee grounds and cocoa extract. The clay (kaolin) deeply cleanses impurities while the coffee grounds provide a nice exfoliation. I love using this in the morning. I just feel as if the coffee and chocolate smell really wakes me up and energizes my skin.

The downside to these masks (besides the Cup O’ Coffee) is that they do expire in two weeks because of the fresh ingredients that they are made with. However those fresh ingredients, at the same time, are very powerful. Another downside is all the masks (besides the Cup O’ Coffee) can only be purchased in a Lush store.



First off the best bath you will ever have will involve Lush products. I can almost guarantee it. Mixing a couple different items from Lush will truly elevate your bath experience. And this is coming from a person who has a love hate relationships with baths.

For me, my perfect trio includes this bath bomb, this bubble bar, and this bath oil. Yes it is and expensive trio however I only use it once every two months or so and I am worth the splurge.

I’m going to break it up into 3 categories, bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts/oils.

Bath Bombs:

  • Sex Bomb: This is my go-to bath bomb. First off it is gorgeous with the rose inside the bath bomb that is peaking out the top. As this gorg gal dissolves into your bath the rose will float around and melt slowly. The “Sex Bomb” has, “scintillating jasmine, clary sage and ylang yang [that] are powerful aphrodisiacs that are known to relax you as they warm your heart, and other body parts too. Soya milk makes the water milky, softening your entire body as you enjoy a luxurious soak” (Lush). And this was on the 2015 Nylon Beauty Hit List! This is my go to and I have to pick one up every time I go to Lush.

Honestly after the “Sex Bomb” I just kind of smell around and find a bath bomb that is not only appealing in smell but also in look. I choose bath bombs that will not just make the bath smell good but look good too. I go with my senses on what I am feeling at that moment.

A good one for the fall time is this one called “Pumpkin“. It has “a spicy, sweet perfume full of exotic pimento, sweet vanilla and warming cinnamon” (Lush).


Sex Bomb // Pumpkin

Bubble Bars:

I personally LOVE bubble baths. A bath with out bubbles is still really nice but bubbles just really put it over the top for me. What is great about Lush bubble bars is that you don’t have to use the whole thing for one bath. I recommend using 1/4 or 1/2 of the bar per bath. I will admit that I used a whole bar once and the bath was absolutely magical with the wall of bubbles it created but for my wallets sake I will probably not do it again for a while.

  • Sunnyside: As mentioned in my perfect trio above, “Sunnyside” is sparkly, which makes the bath so fun and enhances the bath bomb so well. “Sunny Side’s orange, tangerine and lemon help reverse the troubles of the day” (Lush).
  • Milky Bath: I know it might sound gross, milky…bath, but it is an amazing addition to a bath without being too overwhelming with scents. “This comforting milk bottle bubbler is filled with moisturizing cocoa butter, soy milk and olive oil for supremely soft skin, and the delicate scent of orange oil to soothe your mind and let your troubles float away” (Lush). It is one of my go-to’s and makes your skin incredibly soft.
  • The Comforter: “Crumble ‘The Comforter’ under hot, running water for passionately purple water and creamy, comforting bubbles. This massive slice of vibrant fruitiness gives you the feeling of being enveloped in a warm hug and gently consoled by the friendly fruity aroma of a blackcurrant candy. It was created to bring a real sense of comfort to people, just like a real comforter would” (Lush). This pairs really well with the “Sex Bomb“.
  • Sparkly Pumpkin: This bubble bar will pair well with the “Pumpkin” bath bomb. “This warming and cheerful bubble bar packed full of sparkle and citrus for cool winter nights. The energizing blend of juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils make it perfect for a long, lingering soak that’ll leave skin kissed with softness and a light sparkle” (Lush).


Sunnyside // Milky Bath // The Comforter // Sparkly Pumpkin

Bath Melts/Oils:

  • Floating Island: This is my go-to bath oil. I love the oils in this little gem. “Fair trade vanilla bean, sandalwood and lemon oils create a dreamy scent to soothe the soul, while organic cocoa butter and shea butter transform bath water into a silky, softening sanctuary” (Lush). It is the final part in my perfect trio mentioned above.
  • Razzle Dazzle: This is actually the one I purchased and it completely changed up the smell of my bath! “Drop this small-but-mighty oil into the tub for a hypnotic display of lustrous fuchsia swirls. A berry relaxing blend of Persian lime oil, bergamot oil and violet leaf absolute create a juicy raspberry fragrance to treat your senses, while organic shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil leave skin feeling softer than ever before” (Lush). The raspberry created an entirely new bath and I was low-key into it.
  • Boo: This little ghost is perfect for the two other fall/halloween products I’ve listed above. You best believe I am going to get all three of these for the bath I take when I go home for my fall break in October. “Drop Boo into your bath water and watch it slowly go milky with moisturizing cocoa butter to give you hauntingly beautiful skin, perfumed with warming ginger and a bouquet of floral and citrus oils” (Lush).


Floating Island // Razzle Dazzle // Boo



Last but definitely not least…


  • Dark Angels: “Black sugar and charcoal gently exfoliate and absorb excess oils to leave dull, oily or acne-prone skin feeling fresh and matte. Even oily skin can be sensitive, so we’ve made this one soft and soothing to calm redness and irritation, too. Its rhassoul mud base deep-cleanses to help prevent breakouts while vitamin rich cold-pressed organic avocado oil nourishes skin to leave it soft and lightly hydrated. Use all over for perfectly smooth, bright skin” (Lush). I really love the “Dark Angels” charcoal cleanser. I truly to believe that it helps not only the texture of my skin but helps control my acne when it is at its worst (aka right now). I love face products with charcoal in it because charcoal absorbs excess oils from skin with its dry, soft texture, leaving it comfortable and balanced.
  • Angels on Bare Skin: I would say that “Angels on Bare Skin” is kind of like “Dark Angels” but for sensitive skin that may be more prone to dryness. It is more gentle than that of its dark sibling but has the same idea behind it. “For heavenly soft and perfectly balanced skin, take a bit of Angels on Bare Skin, mix with a little water and massage all over your face and body. The kaolin clay base deep-cleanses while finely ground almonds and lavender flowers gently exfoliate away dry skin. We add lavender oil to soothe and balance, and rose absolute to calm redness. If it’s smooth, radiant skin you’re after, this is the cleanser for you” (Lush).
  • Ocean Salt: “Ocean Salt” is just a staple in my skin care. I can always rely on it to be amazing and help my skin with texture, breakouts or when it is just freaking out in general. “The minerals in sea salt soften as it scrubs away dirt, dead skin and blockages for a bright, fresh face. We mix in fresh avocado and coconut to hydrate thirsty skin, leaving it balanced and soft. The cleansing effects of lime and vodka are ideal for blocked pores, blackheads or blemishes and leave skin visibly brightened” (Lush).


Ocean Salt // Dark Angels // Angels on Bare Skin

Since in this Lush trip I didn’t get any body products or shower products I will put a couple of my favorites without going into too much detail.

Well finally I think that is it for this post! I know it was long and tedious at times but I hope that maybe you will be able to work your way around a Lush next time you go!

xx, Chandler

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