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The Protein Bar that changed everything





Lets talk protein bars real quick…

I have never been a fan really but I ate them because they kept me full, are easy to just keep in your bag to go and eat as a snack later and keep you full.

I’ve had Luna bars, Quest bars, Kind bars, Think Thin power crunch bars, the list goes on and on.

I have recently been picking up bars by the handfuls from the grocery store because of my class schedule 2 days of the week. I am really unable to eat from 9:45 am until 3:30 pm unless my classes get out early, then the 15 minute break between classes gets a little bigger and lets me grab some quick food. However usually that doesn’t happen so bars have been my solution.

So lets talk Square Bar Organics.

I have been following Square Bar on Instagram for a while and with shoutouts from other instagram accounts I follow, I knew I had to give them a try. I mean what is all the hype about anyway?

I chose a classic flavor, peanut butter, as my first flavor and let me tell you… this bar has CHANGED the protein bar game.

It doesn’t even taste like a protein bar !! I am still in shock and I got these bad boys a week or two ago.

The peanut butter one is, “chunky peanut butter coated in dark chocolate. Little bit sweet, little bit salty, lotta bit amazing!” and dang are they right!

These bars are:

  • USDA organic
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • Vegan
  • Have 13g of Complete Plant Protein (Sprouted & Whole Grain)
  • Have 3g of Fiber
  • Are gluten-Free Certified, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free
  • Made with Coconut Nectar (same glycemic index as an apple)
  • And have No Protein Isolates, Sugar Alcohols, or Added “Natural Flavors”

I mean it doesn’t get better than all of that.

I highly recommend these bars to anyone who is always grabbing food to bring on the go with them or just want a little sweet treat every now and then.

I’ve already started scouting for new flavors to try.

The flavors I want to try next are the chocolate coated nuts and sea salt, chocolate coated crunch, chocolate coated mint and chocolate coated almond spice!

Next up for me in my protein bar journey is to try the RX Bar. (I have the pumpkin spice flavor! (It is a seasonal flavor and they are 20% off right now while supplies last!))

Let me know if you have any protein bar recommendations! I would love to try any and everything.

xx, Chandler

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