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How (& Why) I Wash My Hair Only Once a Week

Yes, that’s right, once a week.

(You might want to grab a drink and a snack before diving into this hefty post.)

First off lets talk about some of the benefits of not washing your hair all the time. Washing your hair too often is bad for your hair. Too much shampoo will strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it frizzier, damaged and more dry. Not washing it lets the natural oils do their thing, leaving your hair shinier and healthier. You’re also probably less likely to use a hair dryer on your hair, and cutting down on heat is always good for your hair.


So what started this whole not washing my hair thing anyway?

This alllll started last December when I decided to chop off 10 inches of hair… Yes I did donate it, and donating my hair was actually something I had wanted to do since I was in my early years of elementary school. I actually donated to Wigs for Kids that was recommended by my hairdresser, Rhonda, she is amazing. I 100% don’t regret donating my hair for a good cause HOWEVER for me personally I was unhappy with how my hair turned out after donating that much hair. I felt that it was short, too short for me to do anything to it. I found it hard to curl, hard to straighten, hard to style in general. I had to always do something to it because my hair is naturally frizzy if my hair doesn’t have enough weight to keep it down and not frizz up. Ultimately I dreaded washing my hair because I would have to restart the cycle of washing it, blow drying it, flat ironing it, then curling it.

This lead me to washing it about once (sometimes twice) a week.

I love the look of shorter hair, trust me, I think it is chic, effortless (for some), flattering and a maturing look. My favorite way to have my hair when it was super short was to flat-iron my roots, curl it with a one inch curling wand (wrapping it about once around a barrel) leaving the ends out, then going back in with the flat-iron on the ends to make them straight instead of wavy/curly, like my natural hair, to achieve more of a relaxed vibe. I would run my fingers through my hair to break apart the curls so it looked more wavy than curly and finish it off with some hairspray, and some hair oil to give my ends shine and nourish them after all the heat.

Now I have fully adopted the once a week wash lifestyle. I have more time to focus on other things than just my hair (if I were to wash it everyday) and am saving it from unnecessary heat damage. Yes my hair has grown, slowly but surely, and I am much happier with the looks I can achieve now.

So lets talk all about the products I use and some of the key tips I have that may help you be able to go with only washing your hair once a week too.

So whatever day it is, I try to wash my hair either on Sundays or Wednesdays for the week. No clue why but I do. I love Sundays because they are relaxing, I do a face mask, take it off in the shower and boom then I can wash my hair. Or Wednesday because then it will be clean for any weekend festivities and then I can result to products to get me through the rest of the week. Anyway I start off with the main pre-shower step, brushing out my hair. I never brush out my hair. Like ever. I only do after I get out of the shower and before I get in the shower and I ONLY use this brush. I love my Wetbrush because the bristles bounce back to their original form after each stroke eliminating all the hair breakage and pain that can be associated with brushing your hair. It basically is a hair saver.

As for shampoo and conditioner… I am loving the Ouai Clean Shampoo and Conditioner. Yes I splurged on shampoo and conditioner. Yes I am a college student, HOWEVER, when you only use a lil bit once a week it takes you FOREVER to get through the bottles. Like mine still has a little over 3/4 of product in each of the bottles. I got the Ouai Clean Shampoo and the Ouai Clean Conditioner because I want my hair to feel cleeeaaaannnn when I wash it after a week. I love these two products because they really clean my hair without making it feel stripped or dehydrated. I either shampoo once or sometimes even twice depending on how I think my hair feels and what I think it needs to get clean. I apply the conditioner to the ends of my hair, avoiding my scalp, and take any residue on my hands and just put the rest on any part of my hair that is feeling coarse or dry.

My philosophy on the whole thing:

If you only are washing your hair once a week, you might as well treat it right and use some better products with better ingredients.

Ok so now are about to get out of the shower and I am thinking do I want to treat my hair with a little something something right now or just get out of the shower because I am tired… If I want to do the little extra step (5 minutes) I use the Ouai Hair Treatment Masque. My hair truly feels different in a good way after using the masque. It feels hydrated, more bouncy, not as weighed down, basically if my hair was a person it would be a whole new person.

Shop the products mentioned so far…

So after my shower, I let my hair towel dry for around 5-10 minutes and then take it out and letting it start to air dry. Now when my hair starts waving out and has curls starting to dry I run back to my bathroom and start blow drying it. I use a this round brush or a this paddle brush to get my hair to be as straight as possible and to also take down the frizz. Also blow drying straight can take out the extra step of straightening my roots afterwards.

After my hair is dry I go through my whole curling or flat ironing routine. For curling I use a 1-1.5 inch curling iron and curl all sections AWAY FROM MY FACE. Always curl away from your face because it is more flattering. If you have thinner hair I recommend curling your hair away from your face but throw in a couple sections randomly, curling toward your face because it gives hair more volume.

Shop products mentioned with styling…

Ok now lets do a little day by day breakdown of what I do…

So lets say I wash my hair on Sunday, I style it right after so that it will last the entire week. When I style it with the intention of it lasting all week I will actually curl my hair a little tighter so that it will gradually fall over the week period. I personally try to avoid just flat ironing just because I feel like my hair gets oilier faster and that it doesn’t look as good as days go on like curls do. Also another thing to note is that I don’t brush or touch my hair all that often. I don’t play with it really at all because the more you touch and brush your hair, the faster the oilier it will get.

Monday & Tuesday… I just kind of roll with the day, my hair is still clean it looks good.

Wednesday… I may put a little dry shampoo in if it is looking a little too dirty for the general public but if there is only a little oil popping through then I won’t put any in and just rock the grungy-er vibe.

Thursday… This day will definitely have some dry shampoo involved. I love this one the most out of all that I’ve tried so far. Today I also sometimes add some hair oil, I love this one and this one, to add some hydration and love to my ends. I also sometimes spray a little hair perfume just for a little refresh.

Friday & Saturday… I may add some more dry shampoo to soak up more oil that may have generated but I always add some texturizing spray and thickening spray to my hair to give it a little va va voom to make it still looking good for the final stretch. If my hair is looking a little oilier than desired I can always lean back on my double dutch braids and good ole baseball hats to save the day!

Sunday… WE MADE IT! It is time to give that scalp a good cleaning with a great shampoo and conditioner and start the day over again! Besides loving the Ouai Shampoo and Conditioner, I also love this shampoo and this conditioner.

Shop the products (mentioned above) that I use on the weekly…

I know that some people believe that you HAVE to wash your hair every single day or else your hair is gross and can’t be saved. This is not true though. I used to wash my hair every other day back in high school religiously. But after pushing my limit for a little bit I was able to go one more day without washing my hair and then one more day, all until now where I can go a week or a week and a half without washing my hair. You CAN train your hair so that you too can go longer without washing your hair. Not washing your hair is truly beneficial.

Maybe this has inspired your to start washing your hair less and start embracing dirt a little more!

Also let me know what your styling or hair care staples are!

xx, Chandler

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