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Tuning into the CC x TSC Webinar


This past Wednesday night my favorite blogger of all time, Lauryn Evarts, creator of The Skinny Confidential, joined Lauren, of Career Contessa, for an interview/ webinar, to talk about “How To Stop Doing Sh*t You Hate”. (Check the webinar out here.)

Now if you didn’t know already (which you probably do) I love Lauryn. I think she is a total girl boss and is super inspirational and educational for us beginner bloggers. I pretty much check her blog DAILY and when I saw this post go up I knew I had to immediately sign up for the webinar and tune in!

So lets talk about some of the key questions that I love the main points of the answers to…

Q: How did you (Lauryn, creator of TSC), evolve from a blog to everything that you have accomplished now?

A: It doesn’t just happen, you have to work for it. You have to create your own destiny because that is in your control. Map out your future and where you want it to go. Then map out the steps (backwards) that will help you get there and start. Don’t think of your blog as a blog, but as a brand. A brand is what people respond to the best but you have to stay focused on your brand and no one else and what they are doing.

Q: How do you (Lauryn) stay focused on long term goals?

A: Discipline. It takes a time and work to achieve these goals. What works for me is to put pressure on myself, but in a good way. You also have to give attention to it every single day and work on it every single day so that you can achieve it.

Q: How do you take an already existing blog to the next level?

A: Make sure you are being authentic and not putting on a facade. It requires time and hustle every single day. Having a blog is more than just waking up, writing a blog post and taking some pictures. The more effortless something looks, the more time it takes

Q: On the topic of starting a brand… How do you go from already having a blog and turning it to a brand?

A: Say if you have been blogging for a year you have to ask yourself…

  • Are you blogging everyday?
  • Providing social media content every day?
  • Are you hustling?
  • Providing value?
  • Are you putting the work in?

You can not put in half ass effort and expect great results. If you are doing all of those things then continue to hustle and think about going in a new direction. Try out an ebook, a product or a book which will help gage your audience and find who you are writing to on the other side on the screen. Also invest in your brand.


Q: How do you get your first followers?

A: Get content out there to find followers. Do not get caught up in what everyone else is doing. This will make you unable to find yourself and people can smell bullshit of non authenticity. Finding a following isn’t about capturing the masses. You should try to find the one of two people that really love you and they will tell others about you.

Q: How do you make your business high quality before having the funds to do so?

A: You have to spend money to make money. I (Lauryn) put every dime I had into my business (TSC). I knew where I wanted to go, the platform I wanted to create and I knew I had to spend money to get there. You can’t have one foot in and one foot out. And if you are questioning money, and spending money to get to where you want to be with your blog or brand, than it isn’t for you. Remember that the website for your business, brand or blog is the landing page, the home of where your customers or followers will be and will look at, so make it look nice.

Q: “How to stop doing sh*t you hate” – Gary V

A: Gary V is amazing. For me, I (Lauryn) hate doing finances, anything with money, so I hired someone to do it for me so I could focus on creating (what I am good at). When you stop doing sh*t you hate you are able to work only on and with your strengths and not struggling daily with your weaknesses. If you are at a job you are miserable at, there is 24 hours in a day, so figure it out. Get off of work and do something you love. And maybe someday you can pursue something you love as your career.

I HIGHLY suggest listening to the webinar. At least one question and answer will resonate you or help you. I also think this is amazing for bloggers! The questions of this post are only a few that are discussed so make sure to listen in, check it out and learn more from other questions! Coming from a blogger and entrepreneur I found every bit of advice so valuable. It is not an hour of your time wasted.

xx, Chandler

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