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The Perfect Coat


Ok quick side note before we even get into the post today: I am so excited for some of the posts I have planned for the near future and can’t wait for you to read them! Just to give you a little hint, I have an outfit post, routine post, and some other posts up my sleeve! I also took a little few day hiatus, while I was at home over fall break and surprised my sister at school. (Post coming soon.) It was an amazing break but now I am back, ready to talk to you now about the perfect coat.

I am in love with this coat and have seriously wanted it for YEARS. I am not even being over dramatic when I say years. Legitimately years. Anyway… I first fell in love with this particular jacket, years ago, when youtuber Meghan Reinks showed it in a “Haul Video”. And ever since then I have known that maybe one day, I would buy it. (Probably after college because I am currently living the broke college student life.)

This coat  is the Stadium-cloth Cocoon Coat by J.Crew. What I really love about this jacket is the lines of it, the details. I just adore the straight edges and lines on this coat. I just can’t stop looking at it. My personal favorite colors are the gray, black and the hthr smoke cocoa color. I love the classic-ness of the black, the classic yet edge of the light gray, and the warmth of the smoke cocoa. It is perfect with the fall season underway and winter coming.


This coat is a nicely made coat too. It is made of italian wool and nylon (if you were interested). It was inspired by the fabric used in old-school stadium blankets, it adds warmth without the bulk. This is the type of coat that I would consider a lifetime jacket. It will go with everything and last for years and years. It is an investment but it would be worth it. Maybe not as worth it if where you live you could never wear it, but if it is cold for a season or two, worth it. Make sure to check this beauty out here! And if you’re interested, or maybe this coat isn’t calling your name here are a couple other coats from J.Crew that I am loving: This one is very iconic with a more trendy twist, this one just looks so cozy, and this one is the classic gorgeous trench. Also shop this coat below!

xx, Chandler

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