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New York Wish List


If you didn’t know, in December I am going to be going to New York! I am turning 21 during finals so for my birthday I am going to New York right after school is done for the semester!

I am so excited you have no idea.

So what is more fitting than having a New York wishlist. Or the things I want to do, see and visit while I am there (as of now). A lot of the inspiration I have already is from these videos from youtuber Tess Christine who lives in New York and has found the good places all over New York. I also loved this post I found on Pinterest! One of my fellow sisters went to New York a couple times this summer and her posts gave me some insp too (read them here and here).

Since I will be there during the holidays I have some holiday-esque sightseeing I want to do since I can’t remember the last time I was in New York City. Literally I was 5, saw The Lion King on broadway, and the only thing I can remember from that was that the lions cried toilet paper out of their eyes.

Also if you have any recommendations, make sure to let me know!

So as for sightseeing…

  1. The gorgeous window displays all over the city at all of the department stores
  2. The tree – Need I say more?
  3. Central Park (maybe it will even be snowing! Cross your fingers).
  4. The skating rink right underneath the tree – Now I don’t want to skate, because I have no balance, so I just want to check it out.
  5. The Plaza Hotel – I mean maybe you haven’t seen Home Alone 2 but I need to check out where Kevin stayed.
  6. Washington Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn – If you have never seen this street, you have to. It is just gorgeous.
  7. The giant Christmas decorations in Midtown Manhattan
  8. Nomo Soho – The archway is just gorgeous.
  9. The Brownstones of Greenwich village – Perry Street, where Carrie from Sex in the City lived

My cousin, who lives and works in Manhattan, and has been for a little bit, will be showing me around to other places too. We are going to talk about it over Thanksgiving when I see her next! Together we are going to create a master list of everything we will be doing and then maybe you will see another post soon!

As for eateries…

  1. Coffee Project New York – The shop itself is so trendy and cute but I just really want to try their deconstructed latte.
  2. Laduree – Because who doesn’t love a macaroon?
  3. By Chloe – I’ve heard its just an amazing vegan place to eat.
  4. Atrium Dumbo – Tess Christine mentioned this one and I just really want to check it out!

Just so you know, obviously I am not going to probably make it to all of these places during the few days I am there, so I am just going to have to go again sometime soon!

xx, Chandler

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