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Election Day Fashion Inspiration



Coat // Dress // Heel // Bangle

Tomorrow is election day! So I thought, “What better way to commend the day than to do a post on some election inspiration.”

Maybe a little fourth of July-esque, patriotic, or straight up American, I am channelling the election for this fun, different type of fashion post today.

For these pieces I decided to incorporate a more dressy piece and a more casual piece maybe not so it is just a look if you put them together but to draw inspiration from each of these pieces to match with pieces from your own closet.

I love the more structured look of the coat when paired with the more feminine delicate look of the dress, along with the simplicity of the bangle and heels.

Overall just in love with all of the different pieces. There are so many different ways to make different types of looks with these.

Hope you and the country is ready for tomorrow! (Also, shop the look below!)

xx, Chandler

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