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Birthday Wishlist

Less than a month until I turn 21!

So here is a little list of things that I would love for my birthday! Look forward to a Christmas list post soon!


Anastasia Master Palette by Mario – I love all of the shades in this palette. I think Mario did an amazing job. You would be able to create so many looks with these shadows from day to day wear, a going out look and has a nice balance of shimmers and mattes.

Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Stripped – I like the matte lipstick train, I do, but sometimes all I want is a nice non-drying, nourishing lip product that doesn’t try down matte after my lips have gone through hell and have dried out the night previously. This product is pigmented, not matte, and how I would label it is a velvet lip creme type of product. You just have to try it to find out!

Clarins Detox Booster – After watching this video, I started looking into this product because my skin is crazy weird sometimes. Dry, oily, red, textured, you name it, my skin weirdly changes all the time. Also the point of this product is that you add a few drops to your lotion to give it an extra punch. This booster is supposed to help with skin that is affected by partying, overindulging, smoky environments, and extreme pollution. This would also be perfect for people who live in big cities or for me, in college where drinking and late night dominos and cookout are the norm.

Casetify x TSC “Funbags” Case in French Rose – You know my love for The Skinny Confidential blog, and Lauryn Evarts and recently she collabed with Casetify to create her own phone cases! My favorites are “the funbags” in french rose (the one I want so badly!), “the boss” in clear, and “the booty call” in white (but clear if you have a black iPhone!).

Alo Yoga High Waisted Moto Leggings in White – These leggings. Omg. I absolutely love these! So cute and I love the faux leather detailing on the front.

Viper Choker – So this choker is in collaboration with The Skinny Confidential and CAM Jewelry. I love how it comes in white and black, and has a gorgeous chain that adds detail.

OneHope Pink Glitter Edition Chardonnay – I mean isn’t this bottle everything?!

xx, Chandler

Ps. Since my birthday and Christmas are close together I usually just ask for joint gifts which I will post about soon!

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