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Always Sipping Tea. Peppermint Tea

I love, love, love my cup of peppermint tea. All year round I drink peppermint tea, never cold, always hot. I guess I just like how it tastes better when hot compared to cold. And occasionally with a little bit of sugar, which makes it taste like a candy cane.

I have been drinking peppermint tea for YEARS and love all the benefits peppermint tea has.

It is delicious, soothing and calming and reduces bad breath. But there are so many more benefits than just that.


The main 3 benefits of peppermint tea…

ONE: For your mood

Drinking peppermint tea and smelling peppermint too has positive effects on your mood.

Peppermint calms your body when tense because it is a natural muscle relaxant. This helps ease your mind and translates to relaxing your entire body. I personally love drinking peppermint tea before bed because of this. With my whole body relaxed I am able to fall asleep quicker and ultimately sleep better.

Note: Smelling peppermint tea helps improve your concentration!

TWO: For your gut

Peppermint tea is an effective natural remedy for bloating, gas and constipation. If something reduces bloating, I would be drinking it all day everyday. Just me.

Peppermint tea also suppresses your appetite. This means that you might see a slight reduction in hunger.

THREE: For your health

Peppermint tea improves digestion. Improved digestion is obviously good for your health but there are more benefits!

Peppermint tea improves your immune system function. It is also full of calcium, Vitamin B and potassium which gives your immune system a little boost.

Lastly it is an amazing anti-inflammatory. Inflammation in the body can cause all sorts of issues so drinking peppermint tea regularly can help it immensely.


So you ready to start drinking a cup or two of peppermint tea a day?

I recommend trying it a couple different ways. With a little big of raw sugar or honey and with almond milk, honey and cinnamon. Delicious.

If that didn’t sell you, Victoria Beckham drinking 6 cups of peppermint tea a day because of these benefits!

Happy drinking!

xx, Chandler

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