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The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Lets talk “The Ultimate Christmas Playlist”


Last year (2015) I started being super Christmas-y literally on November 1st. No exaggeration. And realized that I was kind of tired of listening to Christmas music close to actual Christmas time. This put me in a slump so I know I had to go about it a whole different way the following year.

Fast forward to now. I haven’t listened to more than a song (I listened to one song to celebrate November 1st) so that I can preserve it for closer to the actual holiday so I don’t have a repeat of my lack of spirit.

So today I am sharing with you my ultimate Christmas playlist just in case you want to give it a listen. It is full of all of my favorite songs, favorite renditions of songs and favorite Christmas albums and the singers who perform them!

Go ahead and give it a listen right here on this post (literally)! You can also check it out here and here.


Make sure to let me know your favorite Christmas songs!

xx, Chandler

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