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Skincare Lust: Renee Rouleau

Renee Rouleau created her entire skincare line around her belief that one size does not fit all, which was the ideology of the time in the skincare industry. Many other skincare companies recommend products based on the traditional 3 skin types – dry, normal and oily. So she created, from her experience as an esthetician, 9 skin types to give better recommendations and create skincare products to help each strength and weakness that everyone’s skin may have.


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A little backstory first…

For whatever reason, recently I have been breaking out. Like breaking out badly, for me. My skin just seems to be angry with me, I’ve been eating well (besides thanksgiving and thanksgiving left overs), drinking water, doing all of the things I’ve been doing for a while. So I am over here thinking, “Hey, why are you acting up, skin? I mean this isn’t fair that you just seem to be losing your s*** and I am stuck here with the consequences.” I bet you’ve thought something similar at one point of your life too.

I am almost 21 and still dealing with skin that can’t seem to calm it down and be normal like everyone else’s skin.

Anyway… so I was watching this video from youtuber Tess Christine the other day and discovered Renee Rouleau’s skincare brand. Tess was talking about how she has combination, oily skin (me) and has been struggling for a while with her skin (me too) and finally her skin has been clear thanks to these products. So of course it sparked my interest and I started playing around on Renee Rouleau’s website.

I first started off by taking this quiz and found out my skin type was type 3, and then chose the regimen that I would want to stick to and I was suggested products. For the specific regimen I selected, it said that I needed this face wash, this lotion and this serum. (I might even throw in this toner too because I love a good toner.)


{ 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. }

If you love skincare like me, make sure to check this line out or at least take the quiz!

xx, Chandler

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