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Holiday Essentials


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Here are a few of my ultimate holiday essentials! (Number 3 was just too perfect and suiting for this December to not include.)

 1. Mini Flocked Tree : This is the ultimate thing for me to keep in my room during the holiday season! I think that my spirit just increases 100% with its presence.

2. The Ultimate Christmas Playlist : I have been working on this playlist for a HOT MINUTE and this is seriously a must for the holiday season. Without Christmas music is the season even merry and bright? Maybe, but it completely enhances the season.

3. Cute A** Christmas Ornament : This is the perfect feminine ornament for a gal who is turning 21 (me) or just loves her bubbly (also me).

4. Soy Eggnog : For the past few years soy eggnog has been a staple in my family’s fridge during the holiday time. We have tried, rice milk eggnog, almond milk eggnog and other types of eggnog alternatives, but soy eggnog has been our hands down favorite. We always have soy eggnog on hand as soon as it comes into stores, then we also get lite eggnog closer to Christmas and never really go to full fat at all during the holiday season. My family is just passionate about our eggnog I guess.

5. Cozy Slippers : I actually do not have a cozy pair of slippers but if I did, my dream slippers would be these. (Along with the matching robe, here.) I love the faux fur and white! So cute and so soft.

6. Cute PJs : When I think Christmas, I think the smell of balsam, white, red and green, a warm drink and cookies and other treats. So these pjs pretty much fit the bill! I also love the style of these pjs. The slim legging and the cute wording on the back is so holiday-y.

Also… Not pictured but definitely a necessity is a candle that smells like balsam/Christmas trees. Seriously a must! This one is constantly burning in my room!

xx, Chandler

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