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What’s in my Carry On for NYC


What is in My Carry On For NYC

If you don’t know I am going to New York City for a few days after my first semester is completed to celebrate my birthday! (Prepare yourself with multiple posts about my trip!) It is on my bucket list  and also on my 101 in 1001! Since I will be on a short flight, and long flight, over the course of a few days, I thought I would show you what I am keeping at my feet on the plane.

I travel mainly on 6 + hour flights every 2 months as I go back and forth from school and home, so I feel like I know what is truly necessary while traveling. This time I will be on a 2 hour flight up to the city and a 6 hour flight home so I have to be prepared for both flights.

Reading Material

Magazine // I love picking up magazines up at the airport, but this trip I had this Marie Claire one that I hadn’t read yet, so I threw it in my bag! I also love Glamour, Cosmo, Instyle, Harpers Bazar, Vogue and a couple others!

Books // I always carry 2 books with me when I travel. One to read and finish and one to read once I’ve finished the first one! For this trip I thought I would read a christmasy book to get more in the spirit for the holiday since I will be arriving home only a few days before the celebration begins! The book is about a blogger with a un-spirited neighbor. The other my roommate Megan let me borrow (which I’m sure you recognize). I am so excited to read it as well.

Guides // My adorable mom sent me these books to get me excited about going to the city to celebrate my birthday! She is the sweetest. She even post-it noted certain pages with a little cash attached for me to spend at those places!


Blog Notebook // I use this notebook (seriously so cheap from target) to plan out my blog posts and keep track of my blog ideas for every month so I can plan out what I want to go up when! A lot of the time I just write it that day or a few days before but sometimes it’s nice to have planned out content (like for this month with all the crazy holiday events).

Travel Journal // My lovely Mom got me this travel journal so I think I am going to start it this trip and hopefully continue it when I (hopefully) study abroad in the fall.


My Wallet // I got this wallet over the summer and it was a little more of a splurge for me, but I love it and haven’t regretted purchasing it. I love how it can fit my iPhone 6s plus if it needs to and can turn into a clutch as well!


Portable Charger // Thank you to my gorg secret Santa for gifting this to me at our house Secret Santa exchange! It will be so helpful when I am unable to plug into a wall while adventuring around New York.

Computer Charger // I always like to make sure my computer is fully charged before I go onto any flight! No one likes a dead computer.

Phone Charger // I mean this is just self explanatory. I don’t want my phone to die.

Headphones // NECESSARY! This flight I will be listening to this playlist on repeat! I usually bring earbuds and over the ear headphones on the plane because my ears will hurt if I only use earbuds. Multiple options are key for me while traveling.

Camera + SD cards // Since I am planning on taking a bunch of photos this month for blog posts (and to keep as memories) it is necessary to bring a compact, good camera. I have the Sony a3000 (I think) and I always keep 2 SD cards on hand.

Other Extras

Water Bottle // If I have room for a reusable one I will use that but if not I always make sure to get the biggest smart water available! It is a must to stay hydrated, especially when traveling! I got the one pictured from TJ Maxx.

Lara Bar // I love this bar but Lara Bars are so much easier to get my hands on in the grocery stores! These bars are non-gmo, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, kosher and taste great! Definitely one of my faves.

Sunnies // Check out the post all about these here. I wear these 24/7 and am still in love with them.

Emergency Bag // This bag is my everything. It has deodorant wipes just in case, allergy meds, eye drops, hair ties, tide 2 go, wisps you name it, I have it for emergencies! I take it with me in my purse everywhere all the time.

Nars Velvet Lip Glide // I mentioned this lippie here. This lip product is pigmented, creamy and doesn’t dry out my lips! It is my perfect nude. Such an amazing present that I received for my birthday.

What is a necessity in your carry on?

xx, Chandler

Ps. Make sure to tune in everyday next week for a new post leading up to Christmas!

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